Stately play 2019 Decathlon sign up


Please use this thread to register your interest for the Stately play 2019 Decathlon tournament. I expect the first game to begin around the 14th of December allowing time to get the first game moving before the holiday season hits full swing. I have included the provisional games list below as there were clear favourites in the poll thread. I will also include a run off poll as several games got a similar amount of votes and are all contenders for the final few spots on the list.

The last Decathlon ran for around 10 months. Please consider this before signing up. If you are unable to continue that’s perfectly fine, but if you could send me a quick message to that effect then it would be greatly appreciated. If there is a game you are unwilling, unable, or simply don’t want to play then let me know. We can skip you for that game, and then get you back for the next game.

My intended format is the begin one new game every month, at around the same time every month. Due to the brief hiccup with the forums that’s looking like being in the middle of each month.

I’ll @ everyone who asked to join from the ideas thread. I’ll assume you want to play unless told otherwise


I’ve not included people like @Neumannium and @Mirefox in this list because they sounded like they were a little on the fence. If you’d like to play, let me know :slight_smile:


Our top 7 games are

Lords of Waterdeep 19
Agricola 18
Through the ages 16
Carcassonne 16
SR 16
Patchwork 15

After the votes were counted we ended up with 9/10 of the games from the last Decathlon. To shake things up a bit I’ve taken every other game with 9 or more votes and included them in a run off poll. There are 3 spots left. If you intend to play then please vote 3 times on which 3 games you would like to play.

  • Ascension
  • Brass
  • Galaxy trucker
  • Ticket to ride
  • Puerto Rico
  • Small world 2
  • Istanbul
  • Twilight struggle
  • 8-Minute empire
  • Indian summer
  • Le Havre
  • Terra Mystica
  • Steam

0 voters


I’m in!

I didn’t realize that I didn’t indicate my interest previously.


You did! Everyone I’ve @ in the list gave a pretty unequivocal expression of interest. I included everyone in this thread as a formality, but also to bring people to the run off poll


Jeez. I looked over that list three times and didn’t see myself.

I guess that’s what a Friday night after a couple of drinks will get ya…


I’ll play!


I’m in!


I’ll play!


I am in as well.

And what is SR btw?


I’m in, let the games begin!


Oops! SR is star realms. I should have given the post another pass over after I cut and paste it out of my notes.


I’m in. I look forward to losing to each and every one of you.


I’m in, too!


That’s typically my role, so don’t worry, I’ll give you a run for your money.


This was really fun the first time. Count me in again!


ok, I am in, and should be able to commit this year. I will just have to buy and learn a couple of these games.


Does everyone here have an iPad? I’m just curious since the game leading the polls is not universal.


That’s one of the reasons I did not include twilight struggle in the last Decathlon. However we can see it is a very popular pick. If a player does not have an iPad or twilight struggle on steam then perhaps they could sit that game out.

I could imagine a situation where I played a proxy game for a player by sending screenshots of the hand and board state. The player would probably need a solid grasp of the rules for that to be fun or efficient though


I believe it can be played on any Android device as well, but I totally understand dropping it from the decathlon. It’s a pretty long game to only differentiate yourself from half of the field…
Also, 56 votes? Does each vote per game count, or did this event get more popular?
Lastly, is there any way to change our votes?


I do hear your concern about the 2 player games having less impact on the leaderboard. I’m open to ideas on the subject as we’ve got plenty of time. I’m not bad with the numbers side of things but I’m sure some of you are much better, and I’ll freely admit to winging it last time with the league table.

I think there’s 56 votes because each voter can vote 3 times for the 3 remaining spots. I’m not sure I can edit the post to change votes, or turn off anonymous mode, without an admin doing it