Stately play 2019 Decathlon sign up


I don’t mind some 2-player games but the question becomes how many we want out of 10. Currently, there are already 2. One workaround would be to substitute multiplayer games of a similar genre. For example, instead of Patchwork, play Cottage Garden or Indian Summer. Instead of Star Realms, play Ascension. SR seems to be the site darling, though, so that might not be one to mess with.

I’m just brainstorming, though, and don’t care much what games we play.


As a big fan of Patchwork, Star Realms and Twilight Struggle, I wouldn’t be against dropping all two player games from the decathlon. Not everyone is going to be skilled in all games, and two player games are far more likely going to result in uneven games where a skilled player is going to go up against someone that may have only played the game a couple times. If we keep it to 3-4 player matches it greatly increases the chance that there will be competitive matches.
That being said, I’d rather just take the next highest voted game rather than looking for similar games to replace two player games.


I do appreciate the ideas, but I’m inclined to let the vote stand as it is. I wanted this games list to be the result of the democratic process so I could compare it to the somewhat autocratic games list from last time.

You have got me thinking though of ways to mediate your completely valid concerns. For Star realms and patchwork we could break the table into mini league tables so you would play 3 games with 3 players in your bracket. That should help balance out any differences between specific players.

I had considered a best of 3 against one player type of deal, but we would still have the problem with experience imbalances.


Are we 100% sure we are playing those “top 7” listed? I’m just curious because im going to start installing and learning the games I need to know.


Yes. I’d say we have our ten games, as it seems 19 out of the 20 players have voted in the run off poll. It looks like brass and twilight struggle will be joining our top 7, with the decision still to be made between ticket to ride and ascension for the tenth spot. I’m leaning towards ticket to ride as it wasn’t in the last decathlon, but it does have an awkward lobby system. I’ll have to look into it more.


Ooh, would like to join if not too late. New games to play!


I dunno, a late entry from a legit contender when I’m the reigning champ? My id says no, but my superego says bring it on :smiley:


Can we have an official game order? A couple of the games I don’t know, so would like to know the order to learn them.


Give me a couple of days and I’ll put them in order. The first game will probably be something accessible and family friendly for the holiday season, like Agricola or Carcassonne


Must include the Carcassonne winter tiles, given the time of year :snowman_with_snow: