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X-Box as well, if the game’s website is to be believed. You can give them your email and get in-game stuff apparently as well. I’ll try anything Age of Wonders, though the last game in the series was not a good one, IMO. I worry that making the graphics and UI so slick and modern may undo part of my nostalgic enjoyment for the core gameplay.


My PC couldn’t handle AoW3 very well so I didn’t get to play it much. Shadow Magic is an amazing game, though, and I’ll play anything in the series that I can manage.


That does look very appealing. I’m getting a Civ overworld/hex-based XCOM battle vibe.


Eli Hodapp is leaving TouchArcade


Not unexpected, but sad to hear. I guess that’s two weeks. I wish him the best, hard to see what the future for TouchArcade will be without him, given the current fiscal realities.

I hope that Shaun Musgrave is able to continue on, somewhere, with his Nintendo Switch coverage.


@geigerm, after importing my Darkest Dungeon PC save file into DD on my iPad, I can state with certainty that the game is a lot more user friendly on the PC. It’s more of a chore to play on a touchscreen than on a PC, because, whereas simply mouse-overs on the PC give you the tool tips, you have to touch for them (sometimes erroneously) constantly on the iPad. And I’m playing on a 12.9 inch’er.


Reading the tool tips on iPad is incredibly annoying–I think that’s why I originally thought that version wasn’t great. Maybe I’ll grab DD on the next PC sale. It’s on sale all the time, and owning one version means I don’t feel compelled to pay full price on PC. If the game clicks for me this time around, though, I’ll buy DD2 at launch.

In my new DD run, my plague doctor racked up 100 stress in an early quest. Went to cure him and found he’s got both the Gambler (will only gamble to relieve stress) and Known Cheat (not allowed to gamble) quirks. The Sanitarium isn’t open yet, so I can’t remove either quirk. Argh. At least he’s not dead.


Not sure if Cultist Simulator was ever on Stately Play’s radar, but I love it.


Forgot about this one, but you had me at Fallen London and Sunless Sea! Is it coming for iOS too?


Ah yeah, Android and iOS. Seems they’re only doing the preregister on Android though. Should have the same launch discount and launch at the same time on both platforms.


Hearthstone doubling down on the single player content this year. Literally the only reason I keep it installed, just wish the single player stuff worked offline.


One of my struggles with the digital CCGs is my inability to keep up with the cards. I don’t know why I feel that I should have the whole collection, because I certainly wouldn’t in a tabletop card game, but the constant chase for cards makes some of these games feel like work when they should feel like fun. Hearthstone is one of the worst in this regard because you get far less for playing for free than in other top-tier digital CCGs.

That said, I do like the singe player content and dabble in it sometimes. I’m sure I’ll check this out, too.


Holy guacamole, there’s some interesting stuff in that post. And I say that as someone who hasn’t played in a year … more? I’ve lost track.

The first thing to make me stop was the odd and even legendaries going directly into the dead-card Hall of Crap almost immediately. That’s the design team admitting, “This odd and even thing really doesn’t work and it makes our game suck pretty hard.”

I’ll give them credit for one thing — the previous Ben Brode-led design group would have never admitted they were so wrong. In fact, Brode would have doubled down and insisted that everything was just awesome. The lack of balance changes were one reason I got out of the game (and I was hardly the only one).


I enjoy playing my two Baku decks, because I’m tired of using the same hero power for how many years, now? It’s fun being able to choose which basic totem to summon (and to have multiples of them) or inflict 2 damage instead of one as a Mage. But it got old quickly constantly facing enemy Baku decks, which all seemed to play the same.

In fact, it’s refreshing when I play against any deck that’s original, instead of the ones that are pulled from online databases for their high win percentage. For me, creating an original deck is more rewarding than playing one I know will likely give me a W.


I have it on Steam, but could never wrap my head around it (which, I think, is the point).

It seems to be a game where you need to sink a lot of time into, and I just didn’t have it and then something new and shinier came along. As it always does.

Would love to give it another go, someday.


They’ve added a fair bit of little hints on how to at least get the early game stuff flowing since the initial release. I’d definitely give it another go. There’s also a fairly good spoiler free guide on steam that unfolded a few of the mechanics for me.


I need to give CS another whirl, too. My longest run got stuck in an infinite loop of incompetence–I wasn’t dying, but I wasn’t making any progress, either–and I eventually gave up.


If you just want a win, there’s a fairly straightforward non cult one I could spoil. :smiley:


I could probably use a spoiler–DM me, I guess, so those who want the joy and frustration of finding everything on their own don’t have to see it.


Fired a spoiler missile in your direction.