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Just found out this.
Looks great (I know nothing about the game).

Legends of Andor di USM


Knew nothing about the original game but I’m enjoying this so far. Feels a bit like playing Runewars with a doom tracker (limited amount of turns you can take in a day before your characters start losing health, limited amount of days you can take before the quest is a failure).

Really high production value, or at least from what I’ve seen so far.

Solo play only (Sounds like the original was coop, with each player having their own hero, here it’s single player with one player controlling all the heroes.


Awesome find! Haven’t played, but it has been on my wish list. Will absolutely be downloading soon.


The link for iOS. Played it a bit. Seems nice.


Have you beaten it with the rogue yet? The castle is no joke.


Interesting new cyberpunk themed card game in beta. (Possibly on iOS too). Like an expanded on version of Avignon’s tug of war mechanics.


No, actually I must admit only been through the tutorial and a bit into the story. Problem is, I’ve bought sunless sea recently on iOS and play it whenever i am in mod for IF. So it’s going to be a while before I come to play PoA.

My shameful backlog is so long, I could play 70 years from now without getting bored :see_no_evil:


Welcome my brother in arms!
Each time I feel bad about my urges and spending sprees I look at your purchase history and feel not as bad as before :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



At least my library is good for something :joy:


For a limited time Deponia: The Complete Journey is free on Humble Bundle. It several great Adventure games in one package.

Oiiiii, Backlog! Several high-quality Adventure games inbound…(well I finished the first 2 already but surely will want to do a complete run through it - if an opportunity arises.


Slide to Play is closing down. 11years, and they can’t keep making it work. Makes me wonder when Toucharcade is going to bite the dust which would suck.


Man, that is sad news. :slightly_frowning_face: I agree, the news coming out of TouchArcade is not good, after Apple eliminated the affiliate commission completely, in October 2018. I’ve been a minor Patreon supporter there, one reason being their forums used to have developer participation (such as the difficulty in sync’ing Guild of Dungeoneering across IOS devices with Apple’s process). I do hope Shaun Musgrave lands somewhere, his Switch and RPG coverage has been a favorite of mine.

“Kids these days” seem to enjoy getting their info from YouTube videos, but I don’t have time or patience for that, I like to read my news and reviews. :slight_smile:


I’m the same. I prefer to read rather than watch YouTube videos.


Man, I was lamenting the videoization of the internet probably a decade (or even, Jesus, a decade and a half) or more ago, and it’s only gotten way, way worse.

Death to video.

Long live text.


I thought they all moved on to twitch?

I am ok with YT but the streaming stuff? That’s where I drew the line…


Subnautica (of which I am very late to the party but currently raving about) has a sequel on the way and is entering Steam early access next week. The sequel is called Sub Zero.

Edit: Comments in the IGN article from which I pulled this news suggest that it isn’t a sequel, but a stand alone expansion.


I’m gonna wait until someone gives this one to me for free, too, I think.


I like video, but I don’t have time for much of it.

I much prefer text.

Which is why I write rather than record (that, and I think my audience would go down if I went to video)


At least you’re not in here promoting posts on your own blog or anything… :smiley:

(This is a joke…)


I don’t understand how some of the streamers have an audience, but then I’ve never been in danger of being accused of being one of the hip, cool kids. :grin: A lot of them have abundant profanity, loud metal or rap music that I’m not the target audience for …

What I do have is a second monitor on the PC, and sometimes when gaming I’ll throw up a twitch stream on the second monitor. For instance, with Diablo III, I can comfortably recommend giving Bluddshed ( a try on your second monitor. Now that I’m doing Diablo III on the Nintendo Switch in the La-Z-Boy, I’ll put Bluddshed’s entertaining and informative twitch stream up on the TV while I’m slaying demons in the recliner. :sunglasses:

Along with Icy Veins, I use Bluddshed’s guides on Diablo Fans as a good template to consider, then modify for my personal maximum fun, and I’ve also enjoyed his informative YouTube videos. One thing that I find cool is that since he’s so interactive with his twitch chat he has a good understanding of “chill” builds that are fun to play without always being on the edge of getting killed. :slight_smile: