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Aeon’s End by Handelabra is out now on iOS for iPad and android tablet.


Just to add to that, it’s exactly what you would expect from Handelabra. iPad-only (for now?) and $10, though on sale at the moment for $9.

Bad North is (finally) releasing for iOS on October 15th, according to TA; up for preorder now at $4.99. I played the demo on Switch and had some fun with it, although I did feel that it’d get more playtime on my phone than on the Switch.

eta: looks like it’s universal on iOS, and also releasing for Android users on that same date. No idea if it’s for Android phones and tablets or just one, because Apple.


Oh nice, I’ve had my eye on this for ages. I should try the demo on Switch!

I saw on reddit that Coffee Roaster has been out for a bit on iOS and Android.

Haven’t picked it up yet, but I also didn’t see it land on Google Play until today.

This is newsworthy! Asmodee actually updated an app! Just in time for the coming winter, Asmodee removed the 10-month-old winter theme from Splendor. I presume they have also fixed the game so that the Spiel Des Jahres-nominated game is finally actually playable for the first time in almost a year, but I’m out and about and can’t check it right now. Please read this post with as much sarcasm as I posted it…

I’m not on good emotional terms with Asmodee.


Wholly wow. I was not expected that update. Nearly a year of being totally unplayable on X devices all the while still remaining for sale on the AppStore. That was atrocious. But still…good on them for updating, I guess.

Really wish this had the original art. This new edition lacks the character that appealed to me with the original Saashi & Saashi edition. I’ll likely be buying the app regardless as it’s a great game so I can play on the go and play with the art I like at home.

To which game are you referring?

Coffee Roaster, which is a great solo game. The DLP Games edition (which is the art they are using for the western release) opts for a more “realistic” art style which is dull to me compared to the more colourful original Saashi & Saashi art.

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I remember Armajet getting some praise around here. It has officially released as of today. I’m going to try it out on iOS.


For any who may be into tabletop RPGs, Tales from the Loop is free on DriveThruRPG today.

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Great find! I have the physical and digital version of this, and it’s worth it for the art alone. The map that goes with this is also free today, it would appear.


Xenowerk Tactics, by the highly regarded Pixelbite, is out for iOS. While it is RTS, I understand you can pause to issue orders, and I do love the look. $6.99 with no ads or IAP … the price sounds fair, to me, but I recently counted that I have 39 games on my “to be played” list, so I need to show some restraint and wait for trusted feedback. *heavy sigh :neutral_face:

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If you haven’t seen it already, Ticket to Earth has updated with its final chapter. I’ve been playing it and have to say it is just as good as the previous 3 chapters. It has a great story and reasonably challenging gameplay.

I’ll mention I bought this on a whim thinking I wouldn’t care for the gameplay but found it a lot of fun. If you haven’t picked this up I think it is worth it.

They haven’t increased the price ($3.99, or maybe it is on sale) despite slowly adding content and you can play on both iPhone and iPad.

Ticket to Earth just released


Bad North is out for iOS and Android -


Any other opinions on the rogue lite nature if this game? I played through it once (got to the final fight) but then had no desire to play through again. It seemed a bit lite in the rogue lite department.

I think it’s mainly the fact that there’s perma-death amongst your squads, and the way you can upgrade them and the loot you find is different each run. Probably not ‘true’ rogue-lite, but close enough?

Disco Elysium is very very good. If you were partial to CRPGs in the vein of Planescape Torment or Sanitarium, it will very much be your cup of tea.