Star Realm F&F Tournament [Tourney Thread]


Wow, the first finale saw some fierce turns. Events gone wild, events everywhere.
In the one turn I had the most draw a card I ever had in SR I think. 2 bases out, 2 embassy yacht, 1 needle for a third, several more draw a card and some draw a card events. That was crazy. The final result of 65:0 does in no way reflect the match, close and good game @jlongo. On to the second match :sweat_smile:


After an also good and close second game, that I lost, I won the third finale and think I won the tourney :smiley:

Good games, and thanks a lot for the orga @Private_Prinny


Well played!

Thank you for organizing @Private_Prinny and good tournament everyone.


Congrats to our winner … as usual, the third place match will finish after the actual finale. @halfvoid and I are knotted at one match apiece.

EDIT: … and, Star Realms being Star Realms, we’re done after just a couple of additional turns. Good games! Happy to have earned the bronze in this one …


GG all. I quite like this expansion.


Final Standings:

And with this the First Stately Play Star Realms tourney comes to an end - Congrats to @HolstenKnight and thanks everyone for participating!


Now go threaten White Wizard Games to finally release the new “real” Star Realms Deck Colony Wars digitally or something…so we can have another Release tournament soon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: