Star Realm F&F Tournament [Tourney Thread]


Crap, I did! I forgot to go to Challonge and add it.

I’ll do it this morning


@hardco, @halfvoid, @Jules, @johnl, @kennfusion, @geigerm, @whovian223 and @HolstenKnight qualified for round 2.
GL & HF!

REMEMBER each matchup is suposed to be a BEST OF THREE

How to report that in challonge?
Just put down the scores and “add scores”. Only pick a winner at the top of the dialog box when the Best of 3 matchup has been resolved in the end.


Challenge sent to Holsten (everything but Gambits, right?).

I’m prepared to lose in 2. :stuck_out_tongue:


Scores can’t be entered yet (although I have none to report yet). It says the second round hasn’t started and is tentative.


Yep just noticed that too as Hardco and I just finished our first match.


Ops, my bad…

Should be ok now…


Just finished the match with Hardco taking one set and myself taking 2. Focused on scrapping cards as early as possible in the two I won.

Good games!

Challenge sent to Jlongo for the next match.


I won against whovian, and I am a bit disturbed that I don’t know how I won both games. I saw you in front in both games with the better start. Plus I made several mistakes at the end in the second.
I was always proud that I could predict the outcome of every SR game after the second shuffle the latest, but this time I would have put my money on you and been wrong in both games :mask:


I have always been able to lose in inexplicable ways.

It’s a gift :smile:

Good games!

Edit: that being said, in the 2nd game, I think I would have had you if I had one more turn


Yeah, the event that hit you for 8 or 12(?) because you couldn’t discard a card at that moment came right in time for me. I still don’t like the events, pure luck.


Actually, you took the first 2 games! I assumed the third one was just for fun… Well played!


At least the events are hitting both (most of the time)

Luckily not as skewed in balance as gambits are.


@HolstenKnight I’m with you–not an events fan, either. If we hadn’t played all our other games with them, I’d suggest leaving them out of our (exceedingly likely) third game …


The more I play the more I dislike events. Playing a lot of Quick Matches, I have found that I don’t mind Gambits so much. Yes, they can on occasion give someone a first turn Ark…but it’s really the exception.


@HolstenKnight Ugh … well played in those last 2 games. In retrospect, I made an early mistake not scrapping my yellow hero for a card draw and a chance at the Command Ship when I already had 7 trade. That game went surprisingly quickly given the complete lack of red cards.

Challenge sent to @halfvoid for the first consolation match.


Some verly lucky draws for me in our 3rd game, @geigerm. I realised going full damage for a fast end is my only chance. Glad it worked, GG


Yeah, I wasn’t thrilled when I saw both of your Imperial Frigates come up in the same turn, but I can’t complain–I got my Blob Carrier and Trade Pod out together, too.


The frigate is kind of my most loved card in SR. At least most value for low cost. and two, that came together two times, is half victory. As a salute I changed my avatar to frigate :grin:


Again, in retrospect … wish I had grabbed the second frigate to go with my Imperial Fighter, rather than 2 fighters and the Trade Pod. But hindsight is always 20/20.


I think Cutter is the best value card, but Imperial Frigate is a close 2nd for me.