Star Realm F&F Tournament [Tourney Thread]


Sooo the tourney has begun! GL& HF!

…oh I was thinking we are veterans by now…need instructions? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ok head over to Challonge there you see the Two groups. Play everyone once in our group and winner’s obligation is to report there (including score) Generally who invites who is irrelevant because the game randomizes startiung player. Do use all expansions but no Gambits.

Some people only want to play one game simultaniously others can stomach more…generally its ok to let an invitation sit there for a while, timing out the invitation isn’t bad, timing out a game is. So just have it going your way.

4 Players a group will advance to the final stage, where we will have a single-elimination round where each match-up is a “best of three” set.

So any questions left? No? Then again GL & HF!


@kennfusion regarding the current game, lets finish that first as a friendly match before starting the group one to not mix things up, ok?


I just went and finished it :smiling_imp:

I have our lifetime record right now at Me 28 wins to you 27 Wins!

Just sent rematch for tourney. Looking at our past trends, it’s not looking good for me, you are ready to beat me a few times in a row I think.


You keep track? Uh…glad that the split isn’t like I expected it to be :sweat_smile:


It’s frightening (and probably a little sad) of what I keep track of in spread sheets in regards to gaming.


Sent all my challenges out. Woo!


My games are complete. 3 victory, 2 loss. All good games, I like the new expansion as nothing overpowered got implented.


New custom rule for next tourney: “Each game against @HolstenKnight is automatically a best of 3”… by the time he finishes all of them others may have time to catch up with their matches a bit. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Aaand the speedking-trophy goes to…


Take your time. No need to hurry. :yum:
Btw why on earth do so similar games like star reamls and cthulu realms behave so different in control? I double tabbed more than one card in SR to enlarge it and instead bought/used it. :triumph:
Although I played SR a lot more, I prefer the CR controls. They are more fail-save :sweat_smile:


@Hardco Oops, just accidentally challenged you to Vanilla game, when trying to challenge someone else. you can just decline that.


I just actually realized we are not playing best of 3 matches against people.


I thought that is only in the second round.

Gg kennfusion. Blob world with a lucky draw was a game changer.
Gg whovian. You got really agro. With some card scrap i barely could avoid being overrunned.


I so rarely play that way, but those were the cards I kept getting.

Since I keep getting blown up by huge amounts of combat, I thought I’d try it.

Almost worked :slight_smile:

Good game!


Is anyone in a game with SleepingOgre? My request to him timed out. It’s the only game I have left to play, and I suspect we are all in the same boat?


My challenge to @SleepingGiant hasn’t been accepted either…


Mine neither


I have messaged him, lets hope for a speedy reply.


Apologies for disappearing. I’m fine, but had to do some last minute travel. Feel free to forfeit me from any games or remove me from the tourney if I’m holding up the show in any way. Hopefully I’ll have more time for gaming again next week…


Ok, since no scores at all where reported for any remaining games with @SleepingGiant I put them down in challonge as a 50 - 0 Win for each of the corresponding oponents - assuming that no other game was even underway.

Edit: Please forget the stuff I wrote before…I didn’t have my brainfart-reducing coffee of death yet.

@whovian223 didn’t you already win our match? So if I remember correctly you won and thats that you should put down the score and then you can go forth as the fourth and final Participant in stage two from Group A


btw, if you want more Star Realms tournament fun, I highly recommend you follow this group on Facebook:

There is at least one tournament starting a week. I am in my 5th tournament in the past month from there and it’s been really fun.