Splotter's The Great Zimbabwe

The site: boardgamecore
The game: The Great Zimbabwe

I’ve recently started playing TGZ over at Boardgamecore and wonder if any Stately Players are up for a game there? The site (asynchronous) enforces the rules (very helpful) and the interface IMO is quite functional and clean.

Please let me know below if you are interested (or curious to know more) or invite me for a game if already registered there (I’m Blanchot there as here).



That websites a good find. I’ve always wanted to give food chain magnate a go, and that’s on there too.

I’d be interested in learning the great Zimbabwe if you’re setting up a game. I’m registered as Snotty128

Great, I am happy to invite you a 2 player game, and coach you a bit through it (there’s chat) but it would be helpful if you have read the rules first (and ideally have them printed out and at hand while playing). The rules can be downloaded at BGG.

It’s not a difficult game to learn but it’s definitely one of those games that you need to play at least a few times to get a proper sense of.

I’ve played about 20 games so far and am very slowly starting to appreciate the myriad ways that one can play.

Wow, sounds like a cool game. I’ll try. I believe I’m Kolbex over there from an earlier (failed) attempt at a learning game of FCM. The game finished, and I won, but I still have no idea why.

FCM scares the hell out of me.
Antiquity is there too. As is histogame’s Wir sind das Volk! which is next on my list to learn.

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If you give me a day I’ll read the rule book and any player aids there are out there. That should give us time to find a 4th player. Having a player like yourself at the the table who has played before will make everything easier though :slight_smile:

I confess that I’ve mainly played 2 player games (1) because they play faster and (2) because the game is less chaotic… there is an auction phase which, with more players, becomes increasingly complex to judge.

That said, why don’t we start a 3 player game with the 3 of us first?

If you are both registered I’ll send you an invitation now and when you are ready we can start to play. Ok?

Done! Kolbex and Snotty128 join when you are ready…

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Wir sind das Volk! is a cool game, though I don’t quite “get” it yet. I’ve played it once on that platform.

@whovian223 I just ordered a physical copy yesterday and it should arrive in a day or two. If you are interested (after I find time to get it set up and go through the rules) I’d love to play some games there.

I’d be up for that. I’m whovian223 there as well.

I should say that I’ve only played it once in total, and it was on that platform. LOL

Cool! I’ll give you a shout when I’m ready (though it might be a while…)

In the meantime anyone up for games of TGZ let me know.

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I’d be up for a multiplayer game as well. I haven’t tried any of the browser based game implementations since playing TTA at boardgaming-Online.com ages ago, do they work okay on an iPad?

@Hardco I play TGZ at boardgamecore on my iPad and it works just fine.

As mentioned above it would be best to read the rules first and register at boardgamecore and then give us a shout here and we’ll set up a game.

The first 3-player game, ‘Stately Zimbabwe’ has been set up… Snotty128 and I are just waiting for @Kolbex

Yep, it made me go first. Gotta read the rules.

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I have read the rules, but have I understood them???

The answer is no.

But I have taken my turn.


@Kolbex, if you haven’t seen them this set of ‘Condensed Rules’ are also pretty good. I think the trickiest part of the rules is the relation between primary and secondary craftsmen… This is where the boardgamecore enforcement is really helpful.

Also as a player you can try various things to see how they will work (score) and, before submitting your move, reset your entire turn and try something else.

I have played TGZ on boardgamecore quite a bit. I am up for a game. I am jason1002 on there.

Great. Would you be up for a 2 player game?

Edit: @jason1002 Nevermind I’ve gone ahead and invited you for a 2 player game. If you would rather play TGZ with 3 or more Stately players let me know and I’ll cancel it. Ok?

Love the Great Zimbabwe. Would love to lose to each and every one of you!

I’m @Neumannium over there. (shocking, I know)

(would also love to try Antiquity and FCM. I’ve played the latter quite a bit but cannot wrap my head around it. I’ve played the former once and, likewise, the strategy eludes me)

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@Neumannium sending you an invitation to a 2-player game of TGZ… (I know, I know, multi-player is where it is at, but for the moment 2-player TGZ appears easier to my aging brain).

Edit: Hey there is a Neumannium, a Neumannium2 and a Neumannium3 over there! Imposters?