Splotter's The Great Zimbabwe

I tried FCM there, a 2-player learning game with somebody who also was kind of learning.

I got stuck at some point where the game obviously wanted me to do something to move forward (it said it was waiting for me to do something) but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what it was.

My problem is that every one of my games devolves into a “who can charge the least” and it ends up spiraling into a morass of no one able to do anything due to lack of revenue. I know there are strategies that can avoid/take advantage of this situation, but my tiny brain cannot figure them out on my own.

An outrage!

(Actually, I created all those so I could play games of FCM against myself to try and suss out some strategies)

Missed opportunity to register them as 2mannium and n3umannium, imo.


Yes I would like to play TGZ with 3 or 4 stately players

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No problem. I’ve cancelled our 2-player game and we can wait to see who would like to play!

Hell yeah, low VP threshold ftw. I’ll play again!

Congratulations on your ‘Xango’ win Kolbex. You and @Snotty128 both played well. Surprisingly well…(but of course, I should have expected it)!

I’m up for another game—but for the moment prefer 2 player.


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