SP Ascension Quaran-Tournament master thread

Yes, good game.

We really could have used Gary Bot; I think that card on the left of the row stayed there until you bought it on the last turn.

I know, nobody wanted that poor Rootscryer.

irishdomer08 over @jason1002 72-57


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I only marginally avoided humiliation

Thank you, GG

Likewise. Thorough victory!

JS over Gary Bot, although I have to admit that his strategy is not altogether awful judging from the vp’s alone.

@johnl over @Hardco

Good game!

Poor Gary Bot and his sub-optimal plays …

Okay, for players such as @Mirefox, @SpiceTheCat, etc., who have played both of their preliminary games, just hang tight and check the thread every so often.

Remember, no one is eliminated at this stage. All 20 of us will move on into the first of the knockout stages.

@Mysterio (106) over geigerm (75)—good game!

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Social Distancing group:

PP over @Mysterio first round
@TheDukester over PP also first round

Are screencaps mandatory? I have one for my win over Mysterio but currently not in a good spot for posting stuff like that…

Gentlemen‘s honor sufficient?

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No screeners necessary.

(Plus, I got one from ours, anyway …)

Also, did you want to play that re-match as a funsie? For tournament purposes, we are done after a single match.

Uhm I am idiot, after rereading the rules I got it right. Initially thought it would be 2 matches per opponent.

I usually am open for that but it could lead to confusion down the line later in the tournament. So I will forfeit on that one.

@Mysterio for that reason I will forfeit our second game as well.

Sorry for being stupid…

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No biggie.

You just anticipated the future. When we move on to the elimination rounds, matches will, indeed, be best 2-of-3.

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While we wait for the round to finish, can I just say how much I like the original Ascension music? It rocks out, it seduces, it slumbers, it rouses. Plus there’s more than a touch of Conan the Barbarian film music in there too.

In fact, I don’t think there’s a better score to a game, is there?

Yeah, PP throttled me. Had to be the worst game of Ascension I’ve ever played with respect to the RNG.

Round 1, first-turn PP managed to draw at least 4 Runes to claim the only 4-or-less Runes card in the center (Riftwatch Turret, a Mechana Void Construct); PP had Mechana Champion Kor and I had Void Champion Sadranis. So immediate advantage to PP.

On my 1st and 2nd rounds, I drew 4/1 both times, so no center cards for me. This poor RNG continued until Round 7, I think, when I was finally able to claim/defeat a center card. I couldn’t draw 5-6 Runes or 5 Power to save my life. PP was more fortuitous.

Did I forget to mention a second Void card didn’t enter the center until Round 8, while Mechana cards continued to flood the center? Kor was at 8 Reputation in no time, while Sadranis maybe hit 4 by that time.

It was ugly RNG for me, but congrats to PP!

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I loathe the 4-1/4-1 split to open the game.

How many great Ascension cards cost either 3 or 5? A lot, that’s how many.


I figured it was a mistake, so I withdrew without accepting.

I also like the production value in the app. The option to choose your background and music is such a great idea. Only one song was really bad imho.

That makes it sad that the song restart every time a match is opened and does not play continually…switching between half a dozen open matches would be more enjoyable when it wouldn’t restart every time…I know them themes very VERY good by heart now…at least the first 10 seconds.

Still, better than the (ONLY) song in Horus Heresy: Legions…god I love that cardgame to death but that one song is rage inducing…especially when you spend between 20 and 90 minutes a day hearing it…