Slay the Spire Tournament


Anyone playing for the first time on iOS, or the first time on any given device since there is no cloud save, will need to play a normal run to unlock the daily, then play the daily to unlock custom.

Do they need to win? Or just play one game?

Just play. I think you can even abandon your run to unlock the next mode.

Tried that, seems you have to “finish” the run. Dying purposely seems to work.

It occurs to me that I ought to play the final character at least once to see how it works prior to the tournament kicking off…

Have managed to finish the game with the third guy and fully unlock the first three, but haven’t successfully beaten it with the ironclad or the assassin guy… had a great run going just now with the ironclad and swore I was going all the way until I went into the battle with the sword and shield guy who has 420 hp… vs my 40 or so out of 87. Lasted about halfway till I had a bad draw with no blocks and he was about to deal 27x2 damage.

They should’ve called this game Slay Your Hopes, would’ve been more accurate.

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Here is the plan.

Start: Sunday August 8 (start any time your score will reflect the date)
End: Sunday Aug 29 (again, date needs to be shown)

What: You need to submit 4 scores, which are your highest score with each of the 4 characters.

How: We won’t use seeds, so that you can keep playing over and over if you want with different seeds. So just play either Standard if you want to play your current Ascension level, or go to Custom and set a game with any Ascension level you want, but no modifiers.

You will need to submit your highest score with each character like this:

or if it is not a victory it would look like:

We will average your 4 scores for your final score.

You decide how much time to spend on each character.

Good Luck!


If we can all play a bunch of times, isn’t that going to more determine who has the most free time as opposed to the best player?

Sure, having more free time is certainly a benefit, but since this is a solo play game with a high score upload, there really is no alternative.

Also, it’s an experiment. Do your best, have fun playing a great game.

Yes. Just a different style of tourney. I won’t be able to play much so I either get lucky or lose. Ah well.

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Sounds fun!

I better unlock the watched…

Forgot to post this morning, but you may begin playing for score.

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I submit this for Silent.

My approach is one shot wonders. If I clear the run, I log it!


Cool, because this forum will get messy with all the screen shots, I will track the scores on this sheet.

Here’s my first submission for a Defect run … strong enough to reach the heart, not strong enough to beat it.


How do we get to that screen? Here is what showed on my Defect run.

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From the main menu, choose “Statistics,” then “Run History.”


And here’s an Ironclad win … love me some Barricade/Entrench/Body Slam decks …


See @geigerm note and see if you can pull it that way.

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Got an entry for the Silent. Also got me my last unlocks for that class, which is cool.

The MVP here was my first relic, the rod that reduces damage by one. Especially when it was paired later with the one that reduces damage 5 and under to 1. That neutered pretty much all multihit baddies, right up to the Heart itself.