Shards of Infinity ready for polishing


That’s what I figured.

Thanks for the confirmation.

So back to my original request, guys :slight_smile:


I’m still getting it too


Big report: Today, my friends list suddenly shrunk to the half in number. Including people I’m already playing.



You too eh? The problem has been reported and a fix is being worked on … some earlier posts refer.


Friend’s list should be fixed now via a server update. Holler if you’re still having issues.


Unfortunately the ‘reveal’ crash, will continue in any games that have it, they won’t be corrected. New games should be unaffected, and in theory that includes games ‘rematched’ after the 1632 patch.


My friend list is now 3 pages so I guess it’s working now (yesterday it was just 1.5 pages).


Wow! I am now twice as popular as I was yesterday!

@greysphere Once again … thanks for the quick attention and action. Most reassuring :sunglasses:


I accidentally started some 30 minute games, sorry for that.


I’ve just bought Shards and I’m ready to be schooled. Send game invites to:
srconley google’s mail (I’m sure you can figure that part out).


Invited your right now.


well played @KYakerDude


I LOVE this game.


I LOVE this GLORIOUS game.



Guys, be sure to try the new (version) HARD AI.

Brutally glorious.


am i the only one who hears the wind cries Mary?

uhm…the game cries premier league on Challonge? or double elim?


The StoneBalde Ascension tournaments format is … Group Stage “everybody plays everybody once” followed by Single Elimination Stage “best of 3” with the final being “best of 5”. They use Challonge.

I guess that only makes sense if we get enough players. The key point is that elimination (in Challonge) can be based on “best of n matches” which is better for a game like Shards than a single match shootout.


An easy tournament game, for sure. Games are quick, the asynch works just fine, and there’s no need for any complicated set-up (“tables” or whatnot).


Hi All, I just jumped on this bandwagon and added everyone above as friends (im mhatke in game). I’ll send some practice game invites. Decline if you don’t want to play. No hard feelings.

Tourney soon?


Just don’t make me play @Pitta the first round; I’d like to survive for a bit…