Shards of Infinity ready for polishing


Let’s go, bitches:


Jumbo mode is such a welcome feature. The tiny text on most deck builders is a big turnoff for me. (Near sightedness and fifties are a brutal combination for mobile device usage.) Just being able to clearly read the cards without squinting or reading glasses immediately launches SoI into GoTy status. And the game itself is rock solid and FUN.


Same here, much appreciated on iPhone.


I’m in


Why the forfeit?

Watch out because while we don’t get the victory, you do get the loss doing so.


oh sorry, just wanted to clean up my immense data bank of finished games by putting most of them into the garbage can.

i had no idea that a 4P game would or even could be terminated when an already eliminated player does so :flushed:

i wondered about the upcoming question “do you want to forfeit the game?”
for a game in which i had been eliminated anyway. seemed to make no sense.

of course no doubt about that you and blackfyre have won the 2on2 experiment.
i really had no intention at all to spoil the party :disappointed_relieved:


Oh I see, no problem.
It wasn’t that settled tough imho…you never know…I’ve seen glorious comebacks!

The 2 vs 2 experiment was interesting.
Clearly the game isn’t developed for it and the only viable strategy is concentrating fire on just one player.
It would be cool a ‘team’ mode where you can split health between players as you do with fire. Or even using cards that manipulate the discard deck considering BOTH player decks.


@JammaTal @Pitta @robthomasson
I also wondered about the terminated game, but knowing Jamma, I assumed it was a mistake. It’s not a good solution from the game side.
Yeah, the experiment was ok, but not great.

I liked the ideas of @pitta. Splitting health would be great!


On an other note,
Im still experiencing a lot of crashes on my iPad… Anyone else too?


Oh sorry…I mean…I was sure it was a mistake but just wanted to warn about what happens in game.
As a matter of fact I just forfeit in error all my current Terraforming Mars ongoing games so you are in good company :slight_smile:

I almost exclusively play Shards on my preciousssss (iPhone X, always with me) but I don’t remember crashes on my iPad Air (first gen).


I’m playing on an iPad Mini 5. No crashes for me.


yes, in fact i was kind of shocked when i heard that i had terminated the game.
i’m really sorry about that.
good to know about that danger now, as Pitta has accentuated.

yup, this, or Pitta’s ideas or a common health pool for both teammates.
but all in all i prefer 1on1 over multiplayer games.

no crashes on my ipad air 2.


I haven’t played this with more than 2, it in other card games that I play with my 2 old roommates we just do an attack left rule. That keeps us from hanging up in 1 person. In games like Magic we do allow spells and other effects to target any creatures.


Ya a good amount of iPad crashes when clicking Next Game


I play on my iPad and haven’t had any crashes other than the “reveal” bug from games that came out of the beta when you hit “rematch”


Most of my crashes are reveals or the occasional next turns. Tbh at this point they seem like more out of memory issues than anything else, as they’re pretty infrequent. iPad Pro 10,5 with 12.3.? beta


Someone reported a bug when the game is kinda ‘lagged’ after taking a move (waiting for the server response) and you drag or hit next turn or thing. This seems like it could be the same thing folks are seeing here. We’re looking into it.


@Feygor, in our friendly game i just have killed one of you champions accidentally by mistap when only trying to scroll through your bunch of champions :confounded:
can happen quite easily.

so that has cost me the game when you survived that turn with only 2 HP left.
i’m glad that it did not happen in a tourney game :joy:


I liked the result :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Two questions:

  1. Are homodeus way overpowered?

  2. I see screenshots that everyone is posting of their end-game results and there are a bunch or cards in those shots. I haven’t really thought about it in my own games but I am now - what are those cards? Just your final hand, or something else?