Shards of Infinity ready for polishing


This is a really good question. I assume it has something to do with how the game is hosted. I’m guessing Playdek is running their own servers and such. Perhaps Temple Gates is not, and therefore cannot create user accounts/usernames? I really don’t know.

I think TtA has the best system, where you don’t even need to be friends, just start typing someone’s user name and it will point you to the user you’re looking for.

Anyway, if @Strangiato or someone from another developer could enlighten us, I’d appreciate it.


Yes, CGE’s system is great!


To all of you whom I’m playing games with, can we agree that at the end of our current game, we’ll start a new one with each other rather than “rematch?”

Apparently (according to one of the developers on BGG), the “reveal a card to do a Unite ability and then the game crashes” bug is supposed to be fixed, but games that are in the same “chain” (i.e. done via rematch) don’t seem to be fixed.

New games that are started are not supposed to have that bug.

At least until another patch is released.

I had the same thing happen last night so I know it’s not patched yet for rematched games.


I agree but if I think the AppStore version is patched.


It happened last night after I paid for and downloaded the game.

But maybe I’m getting the timing wrong and it was before. I’ll see if it happens again.


Guys, I’ve added all I could find in this thread, if I missed anyone I’m sorry. Please add me up and invite me for a game!


hello @Blackfyre, i’m not too fond of MP games in Shards, but what about a team battle?
you and @Pitta vs @robthomasson and me!
last man standing wins it for the team. all players ok with that?

if it’s fun we might think about a SP team contest?


I just accepted.
TBH I don’t like >2 games in Shards (but I LOVE 2 people games) because of the rules (at least till the expansion arrives, or so I’m told) but I never tried a team battle, cool!!!


I have the paid version. Coincidentally or not my Friends List now only shows some of my friends … and if I try to add one of the missing ones I get the message that the player is already a friend of mine. So I cannot add them but also I cannot see them in the list to start a new game with them.

@JammaTal has the same problem. Is it just us?

@greysphere I can DM you our email addresses if that is helpful.

Edit: My Friends List on the Steam version is one person shorter than my Friends List when viewed on iOS.


@JammaTal @Pitta
I never tried MP games in shards, so I was just curious and invited you to it.
I’m fine with whatever you guys are up to.


Yeah, you can email me at and I can dig into the problem. Screenshots of the friend pages on both platforms and the email addresses would be helpful. In theory there should be no difference at all between the last beta and release (both are build 1629), but it does sound like something fishy is going on…


Done and thank you!


Patch complete, Please update?!
No Update in the AppStore (bought it) of at TestFlight.
Have to be patient, i guess.


A game was created by @Blackfyre and I inadvertently clicked on “Decline” (of the two choices, it’s on the right which seems non-intuitive and I tapped without reading). When I try to create a game to invite Blackfyre, I notice he’s not in my friends list. So, I enter his email to add him and am told he’s already in my friend list.

Unless his onscreen name isn’t Blackfyre, he most definitely is not in my friends list. So, is this a bug or am I missing something?


It’s ABlackfyre @Neumannium I’ll start a new game ASAP


@JammaTal and I also have this problem and have reported it (see a few posts back). Apparently my friends list is intact at the server but its display is truncated in the clients. The issue is being investigated…


jason1003 at hotmail dot com

That’s where all my spam mail goes. Seems like a good game


Installed the new update and the “reveal” crashing bug is still there.


Sorry the ‘reveal’ bug isn’t fixed for any game, and sorry we’re not planing on fixing it for existing games and just letting those go away. But in theory it shouldn’t propagate any more due to the rematch issue.


@JammaTal @Neumannium

@greysphere reports that they have probably found the problem causing the truncated friends list display and hope to have a fix in a day or two. Of course timing of availability on iOS will depend on Apple.