Shards of Infinity ready for polishing


Hey, this is Jeff a developer from TGG. Sorry about this. We’ve had a few (like 4 or 5) reports of people with this issue. We have gotten some crash reports from Android and submitted a patch to fix the issue we saw there. Crash reports from Apple take a couple days to go through there system, so we don’t know for sure that is the same issue folks are having on iOS unforutnately, but it seems fairly likely.

That patch should be released for Apple devices any moment now (build 1629). When you get that build if things work (or don’t) could you let me know at

Again sorry about this and thanks for the report.


Awesome to see a developer show up here! Thanks for the info.


Nothing for you to be sorry about Jeff - we get to playtest for free for a couple of months, and contribute to the polish. The pleasure is all ours!


An update is already out.


Certainly is. I’m back on the horse :slight_smile:


Shards of Infinity is now in Open Beta.




Android and Steam access requires purchase (7.99 USD) and you will own the game. The iOS beta is free and will expire upon release.


Been traveling this week and on cruise, the WiFi was spotty. So games timed out. Please resend if game timed out, I lost track of with who.


In also!

ablackfyre1 attttt geeemail dottt cm


Love playing this one with my kids, now i am ready for you guys.
I’m matthias at buehner minus hsk dot de

Maybe I’m a little late? :thinking:

Ingame name is Feygor as here.
I invited a lot :blush:


Wow, @Pitta, you destroyed me very fast.


Yes, got it


promising game. can’t wait for upcoming SP premier league or double elim tourney.

janmauri at web dot de


I was in three games, but then my app crashed and when I restarted it I couldn’t go online. I deleted and reinstalled, and still couldn’t go online.

After a few hours, I checked again and the Online option was back. Unfortunately, all my games are gone even though I logged in with same username.

So, if we were playing a game, I didn’t leave on purpose.


You should be able to go to your online account page and reassociate your account w/ your email address and have access to your games again (if an email address is still in the box there, just delete and readd)



I did figure it out and all three games are right where I left them. Issue averted.


Game is out.

Shards of Infinity di Temple Gates Games LLC


Is there anyone who knows a little about game development who can explain to me why a developer wouldn’t use a system like playdek uses where you merely need to share a user name in order to add a friend? Temple Gate Games does many things right, but why in the world do the use friend codes in Race and now e-mails in this? I suppose it is a step in the right direction but what is wrong with a dedicated user name? Maybe I’m completely ignorant; maybe it is way harder to do that. I don’t know, but I don’t get it…

Other than that, so far, so good.


On iOS, can you transition from beta to real without having to redo all of the friend requests (not to mention ongoing games)?


Yes; bought the full version this afternoon, didn’t even have to login again.


I have decided to not buy the game. Beta still works though for now.