Shards of Infinity ready for polishing


@Pitta So glad I got that one last turn in!


GG @JMH.75
That was super tense!!!


Indeed! Tomorrow I will take revenge :weary:


Well you destroyed me yesterday!

This game is truly awesome.


I initially thought this game wasn’t much different than some of our favorite deckbuilders–using the same color scheme as Ascension still seems dumb to me. But it’s different enough that I really enjoy it.


You have some unearthly skill to beat me so soundly every time.

At least I hope it’s your skill and not my dumbness.


Absolutely, let’s call it skill.

I really don’t know—I’ve found a couple of things that work really well together and have been able to use them in wins. I’ve also gotten stomped a few times.


@whovian223 wow, played 19 cards and had 10 champions in play last turn. Some insane combo’ s are not uncommon in this game!

Edit. And in another game @JMH.75 did make an insane combo against me. Less fun to be on the recieving side :wink:


I feel I miss some people here.
If we aren’t friends already playing a daily game, please add me!!!

I’m pittag followed by the most famous search engine in mail form.


Gee, that makes me want to log in and see it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I seem to either winning 50-0 or losing 50-0 lately.

Some of the wombo-combos are amazing. And I find it interesting that they don’t annoy me as much as the infinite faction engines possible in Star Realms.


So, this is good? I played ascension obsessively for months…

Any idea when release will be?