Shards of Infinity ready for polishing


@Pitta So glad I got that one last turn in!


GG @JMH.75
That was super tense!!!


Indeed! Tomorrow I will take revenge :weary:


Well you destroyed me yesterday!

This game is truly awesome.


I initially thought this game wasn’t much different than some of our favorite deckbuilders–using the same color scheme as Ascension still seems dumb to me. But it’s different enough that I really enjoy it.


You have some unearthly skill to beat me so soundly every time.

At least I hope it’s your skill and not my dumbness.


Absolutely, let’s call it skill.

I really don’t know—I’ve found a couple of things that work really well together and have been able to use them in wins. I’ve also gotten stomped a few times.


@whovian223 wow, played 19 cards and had 10 champions in play last turn. Some insane combo’ s are not uncommon in this game!

Edit. And in another game @JMH.75 did make an insane combo against me. Less fun to be on the recieving side :wink:


I feel I miss some people here.
If we aren’t friends already playing a daily game, please add me!!!

I’m pittag followed by the most famous search engine in mail form.


Gee, that makes me want to log in and see it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I seem to either winning 50-0 or losing 50-0 lately.

Some of the wombo-combos are amazing. And I find it interesting that they don’t annoy me as much as the infinite faction engines possible in Star Realms.


So, this is good? I played ascension obsessively for months…

Any idea when release will be?


Shards of Infinity is imho the best async deckbuilder in years, possibly the very best.
The child of Ascension (also its ‘sequel’) and Star Realms, fast, accessible, varied and deep.
The app is fantastic as well, both on iPad and iPhone.

Game is out next month, as per Temple Games recent tweet.
The beta is already super solid and polished, and they just added an awesome feature, optional jumbo mode for better reading on iPhone (works great).


Great to hear a release window! Thanks!


The latest update has broken the app for me, which i’ve reported to them. Has anyone else had this happen to them? big crying baby emoji


Not here - worked fine last night and this morning. What’s broken about it?


(Sorry for not really explaining anything…) I press ‘Create Game’ vs AI, or ‘Join’ an online game, and I get thrown out back to the iPad homescreen.

It feels very much like a hardware issue, given that I’m on an Air 1 and iOS10. Still, the people on the other end of the bug reporting email address are swift and acknowledging. Which is what this is all about, right?


Working as usual after the update.

Edit. On Samsung s8


On an iPad Pro 10.5 with 12.3, no issues here - could be the iOS 10 more than the hardware?


iPad Air (1) with latest iOS version, working awesomely.
So I would guess it’s a iOS 10 thing.

Actually last version is stellar for me, both on iPad and iPhone X (jumbo mode is great).
They added individual turns log too, way more clear if you need it.
Also, timers started to work fine at last (watch out 30 mins games).

Game is consuming all my free time.
Even the new AIs are way more competent. (So I can experiment while waititng for opponent turns).