Shards of Infinity ready for polishing


neumann2706 (at) gmail (dot) com


Julesvheugten at-thingy g mail (dot) com


Says it can’t find you?


What’s that you say? Literally infinite damage? Yes, please!



I couldn’t find @Neumannium either. But I had that with @geigerm who could find me okay … so just a “thing of the beta” I guess.

I am rob at thomasson dot com.


halfvoid at gmail dot com if you wanna add me.


I didn’t get an email verification link when I first set up my account, so I re-entered it and got the link. After that, I think, people have been able to add me as a friend.


I just realized they totally borked the view your own deck. you can view your discard, but when you try to view your deck, it’s the opponents I think. Beta, so all good, but helpful to realize.


Yeah lost 3 games for that, just realized as well.
I’m playing over 10 concurrent games and it’s hard to remember which kind of deck I was building,
They said they know it and will addressed in next patch.


This game is excellent.


No undo yet, right?

Just inadvertently scrapped my Infinity Shard; forfeited. It was comedy gold. :joy:


That would only matter if you were going for a shard win. I actually find it difficult to build an in infinity shard deck. You really need the middle row to be kind and give you shard building cards. Generally you need blocks/heals with it also, as your opponent should probably try to counter with fast aggro.


My email should work now. I never went and clicked the link in the email to verify it, apparently.



I also scrapped a card in error. But, in my case, I think the text was “scrap”, not “may scrap” and I was thinking Ascension where banish is usually an optional act with a choice of “None”.

I just need to remember that this is a different game …


Steam is out in early access. PC only, no Mac version.
Looks like I have to buy an iPad soon ;-).


Think I saw someone mention that multiplayer isn’t live in the Steam one yet.


Update is live!!!


I’m also in: jhannink at xs4all dot nl


@geigerm If you wonder why I didn’t use the infinity shard with 30 mastery last turn it’s because I just mis-tapped the button :frowning:


@JMH.75 O_O