Shards of Infinity ready for polishing


I played some games as well but only for testing pourposes (I don’t like 3 players card games in general).
I think these work better in real life than on digital.

I generally target whoever targets me first, trying to dissuade him to continue targeting me and then concentrating on the other opponent.
It never works.


This is my new favorite game. I just hit 30 in a game with @Pitta and might hold off on reducing his life till I can use the infinity engine… although, he’s not to be trusted in this one… :wink:



(wtf does it mean “body seems unclear”. Maybe this will post now?)


The infinity engine tasted better than my vodka (had to switch from scotch - it’s crazy expensive in the tropics. Who knew? /s). I played all my cards before unleashing it just for the fuckery of it. Screen went dark and I was worried it crashed the game lol. Gg @Pitta!


Eheheheh GG!!!

I LOVE this game.
You can go for 30 mastery and use the infinity shard, but if you are not super lucky at the very start with mastery cards, it takes time and generally you will use the infinity shard just when your HP are dangerously low.
You can go for attacks, but that will neglect mastery that gives a lot of advantages during mid play.
You can go for crystals to get the best cards, some are really ultra powerful (but you need 7).
So far I had the hardest time against @kennfusion with his absurdly high defense and tons of champions.
A strategy I couldn’t replicate yet (one time despite me having like 15 attacks per turn he won with having always 10-20!!! defense).

So many possibilities…I keep discovering new weird combos from apparently unrelated cards (which I forget the second after I used them of course).

The game is also incredibly fast and tense when both are online.



I think our game fell off, I thought I hit rematch, will resend now.

I do think though that the game is more like Star Realms than it initially appears, especially SR with missions. Although Infinity Shard strat is missions light, since it is known.
But in SR essentially Mitigation > Aggro > Scrap > Mitigation
It appears that this game was also designed with somewhat of a meta in mind also.
For instance, the way to beat someone going hard into an Infinity Shard win, is heavy aggro.

I do really enjoy the game, still trying to crack the code.

I played a few games against Chris Shaner over the weekend, he is a champion SR player. He was just demolishing me, and I know his strat in SR is to counter build. So I suspect that is a big part of next level strat in this game. Unfortunately, in Async, it is hard to remember what your opponent is playing over a few days.


And @kennfusion just got lucky in our game, getting his Infinity Shard on the turn I had mine.

Next time…next time



Kind of surprised; I’ve beta’d for both companies before. And I signed up within about 20 minutes of the post.


Ditto, no stress though, sounds fun


@kennfusion our game bugged out, kept force closing the app after I updated to beta 4. Forfeited it and started a new one.


I think the update killed all existing games. I kept crashing when trying to open one.

I’ve created new ones for all three of you (@Pitta @js619 @kennfusion)


yeah, all my games were broken…no big deal



geigerm in game–challenge away, please. It’s always fun to learn a game by losing to friends.


Need your email to add as a friend, though :slight_smile:


Ha! No Easy AI can stand up to my fearsomeness! Deathblow on the way, suckah AI.

I’m in. Very little idea what I’m doing, but I’ve played enough deck builders to grasp the basics.


Well, that’s annoying. Guess I should have read the rest of the thread a little more closely.

It’s michael dot j dot geiger at gmail. I’ll add those of you listed in this thread as well.


Annoying, but a step up from friend codes, I suppose.


It’s interesting how the online multiplayer experience for mobile gaming peaked in around 2012. And I mostly blame Apple, which could have continued to work with and improve GameCenter, but mostly seemed embarrassed by it.

Anyway … ritenhouse at-symbol me dot com


I’ve started games with everyone I can find in this thread.

Hey, @Neumannium, what’s yer electronic mail? Also, @Mirefox, are you in the beta?


I am not in the beta. I’m wishing a bit right now that I was, but I’m hoping a full release isn’t too far off.