Shards of Infinity ready for polishing


Have only had the opportunity to use it twice, but it worked both times


It worked when you didn’t really have a Next Game but it popped up anyway?


Worked fine here (tried multiple times with more than 4 games ongoing).

It displays the next game button until you don’t have any more (in that case the button doesn’t pop up for me, I have to exit via the top right menu).

EDIT: Actually I just noticed in the splash screen there is a message stating that next game button is borked for some, so it is a bug and they are aware of it.


Yeah, I saw that too.

The bug, for me anyway, was hitting it when you actually don’t have a game waiting. Both you and Jon have games with me. It was my turn in Jon’s game and the game with you was waiting for you. I hit “Next Game” inside of Jon’s game and it crashed.

Otherwise, the Next Game button works fine.


@Pitta did our game get deleted?

I just saw the new one


I see it’s your turn and don’t see any new game?

Maybe report this, could it be related to the next game bug?


Now that I was able to play some games, it’s official: I’m in love with the game.


I. Luke have sworn we were further along than that game is. Oh well. I must be losing it.


Still no invite to the beta. Very dissapointing. Signed up just the day Dave wrote about it.


It appears there are not actually any clocks right now. 30 minutes, 1 week, it’s all infinity I believe.


@kennfusion WHAT A GAME!!!
I was sure you would win next turn because of the infinity shard, but somehow I managed to deplete you HP just the second before.

What a glorious game this deckbuilder is!!!
So many options!!!


:sob: Yeah, I thought for sure I had that one, I was one turn off the infinity shard.


I like the multiple paths to victory in this one, versus Ascension or SR


I particularly LOVE factions aren’t one sided like in Star Realms where you generally concentrate on one or two factions, and where every faction has a strong characteristic and little else (full defense, full attack, deck rotation, etc…).
Here you have to mix and match and how you do so fundamentally changes the approach with multiple ways to achieve victory.

Despite being in beta, now that async works properly, the app is really slick and FINALLY my old eyes can play an async game on my phone.


You all have my hype quite high for this.


You might like the new Missions expansion for SR. It creates a whole secondary set of win conditions.


You know you lost a game when you get the ‘You are invited to a new game’ notification instead of the expected ‘It’s your turn’.

GG @kennfusion!


this sucks. DM me with your email and I’ll see if I can get them to add you.


Any idea how long until the game officially releases? I also didn’t get into the beta, but I’m OK waiting … provided it won’t be too terribly long.


Have any of you in the beta played any 3 player games yet? I have played a few, was wondering what possible targeting strategies should be?

The game by default tries to get you to divide your damage, but it seems like focusing on a single person, maybe even just piling on the lowest, might make them a target?