Shards of Infinity ready for polishing


You set up an account (mail + mailed code which act as one time password).
Then you simply put your account on every device you own to sync multiplayer


Are notifications coming through email or on the device? I saw your posts on BGG about this and it sounded like they were coming through email?

Maybe I misread.


No, it’s native iOS notifications, like Race for the Galaxy, Ascension or Star Realms.


Looks great! I’m whovian223 at gmail dot com for Friend requests.

I haven’t set up my iPad yet (tonight), but am still open for some games.

Anybody know if this is one of those betas where we aren’t supposed to post things about it?


I just added you as a friend but due to a bug I can’t start games (update is underway but still not online in TestFlight).
But if you aren’t affected by the bug, feel free to invite me for some games!!!


kenngold at gmail dot com

@whovian223 sent you a game.


I know it depends on a whole host of factors, but does anyone have a sense how long it usually is for games of this type to go from a beta of this type to a full release?


Don’t see a game on my account.

More of the problems that @Pitta was talking about?

Pitta, I sent you a game, but it’s also not showing in “my games” so may be having the same problems.

Edit: Hey, @Neumannium, what’s your reporting experience like in betas like this? Is it something that you can report on, screenshot, etc? Making sure that you note it’s a beta? Or is it considered not cool?


Yeah, can’t get the game to stick, some sort of bug.


Mini patch coming out shortly with:
fix for not being able to create games
fix for android notification
fix for ‘extra’ notifications (hopefully all the cases here, keep an eye out)
This should address some of the weird waiting/your turn states as well. Getting stuck while loading I wouldn’t expect (or expect this to fix…) so that will be something to keep an eye out for.

We’ll add ‘remove badge’ to our todo list.
We were going to add a text tooltip for the log entries, but maybe we should add a zoomed card as well.


What is “remove badge?” Hopefully an option and not a feature…


It depends on the publisher and the game. I’m not supposed to post anything about the TtA expansion, for example.

I talked with Theresa at Temple Gates and she didn’t mention that anything was embargoed. I will double check. My spring break starts tomorrow (we’ll be driving until Saturday, but then I’m planning on catching up on this huge backlog and start posting like a madman) so it would be good to know what I can post. Will let you know.


Considering that their beta feedback method is a public thread at BGG, I’d say it’s safe to talk about it.


Good point.


That site’s still around?


Seems to be hanging on. Unfortunately, the iOS Boardgame Blog seems to have died off. Haven’t seen anything posted by Brad in months and the unpaid minion he gets to do his dirty work for him has been slacking lately. The only one of my subscriptions that gets any traffic is a bunch of complaining about Yucata being down (again).


Brad hired the wrong people…


Update is live!!!


Jhschaer at iCloud for invites, added @whovian223 and @kennfusion to games


I accepted both games (from @js619 and @Pitta). I was going to be starting one game and the other one my opponent was going to start.

Yet “next game” appeared in the first game, and when I hit it, it crashed.

Since it’s only happened once so far, I didn’t want to report it as a bug. But has it happened to anybody else?