Shards of Infinity ready for polishing


I think your final deck? And I dunno about one faction vs the others… I do know that the “end turn” and “play all” being the reverse of Ascension is really fucking me up.


Oh god, me too!

And the lack of warning “are you really sure you want to end your turn without playing ANY FUCKING CARDS” is really getting on my nerves.

Why would I do that?


Did you mean to post this in the tourney thread?


Yeah, maybe I asked a bit too soon; just finished a game and three cards are clearly your final deck.


Oh yeah thanks man!


I’m playing a 3-player game and I quite like it. We are not enforcing any targeting rules, so right now it is a big free-for-all. I’m not going to argue that it is better than 2-player, but a couple things I’ve noticed:

  1. Games seem to take longer, so you have even more combo opportunities.

  2. There is a greater likelihood that the card you want but can’t afford will be gone when it comes back around to you, so there is added tension when it comes to opportunity costs.

  3. Even without targeting restrictions, I haven’t encountered too many issues with hanging up on one player. All that does is allow the over player to stay healthy and build a strong deck. So far, it seems to make the most sense to distribute damage to everyone to keep the threat of losing a possibility.

This is a great duel game, but it does work quite well with three, and I assume 4.


Are there any expansions for Ascension that give it a more confrontational feel? I have a buddy who loves Shards of Infinity and doesn’t care for Ascension and I’m just curious why, and how to fix that, if possible. I’m sure he likes the confrontational element of Shards more, and I know Ascension can’t really replicate the “attack the other player” mechanic, but I’d imagine there could be some sets that make construct play more important, or allow you to steal points, or something?


Of those available online (I haven’t looked at the latest ones in paper), the two most recent probably come closest to that. Gift of the Elements allows you to clog up the other player’s deck by chucking unplayable monsters into it (but this can backfire, as there are also cards that key off them); and Valley of the Ancients has a tug-of-war over control of three temples. It’s all still very much multi-player solitaire, but there’s more direct antagonism than earlier sets featured.


I liked the Dawn of Champions expansion the most. It is “confrontational” in the sense that you pick the cards of the faction your opponent belongs to, so he cannot do it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: