[Season 1] Ascension League

Hello all and welcome to the new Ascenions League!

We have 15 participants and expect this to last for around 30 weeks!

Update your Sets Here

The structure is simple - every two weeks a new matchup is released.
Each matchup consists of 2 simultaneous games.
Each person in the matchup challenges the other, using whatever expansions / sets / promos that they see fit. This simulates the home court advantage! Please issue the challenge at 28 days.

Please report the results of both of your games as well as the score. People will be ranked by total game wins, and if for some reason there is a tie for game wins at the end of league, you will be seperated by your score difference. If the score difference is the same, whomever scored the highest as the “away” team will get the tie breaker. If it is still a tie, I am flipping a coin :wink:

Round 1 Matchups
@Mirefox vs @JaneHatke
@JMH.75 vs @jason1002
@Baelnor vs @js619
@feederofgoats vs @Blackfyre
@robthomasson vs @KYakerDude
@Feygor vs @johnl
@geigerm vs @SpiceTheCat

@kennfusion has the bye on the first round, unless we get another taker soon?


Any advice on which sets to use/buy?

What is our expectation here regarding expansions? I own everything but I don’t want to “force” someone into buying something by challenging them in something they don’t have or don’t want.

It seems fair not to force people to buy expansions. Maybe everyone can share what they‘ve got, and if they’re willing to buy more.

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Good point. I own all expansions and promo packs.

Yeah, I own them all as well…

…… like Gollum in that regard :pensive:

Not saying that I played ‘em all… but owning them gives me a good feeling :grin:

As I haven’t played online for years, are we supposed to login through our (old) Playdek accounts? Most of you guys are on that list, but my sparring partner I am not able to locate. So, @feederofgoats, do you have another name in you Playedek games?

Edit: I’m blackfire1929 btw

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HI All,

I thought just the issuing player needed the sets? Wasnt intent to make people buy lots of sets?

Good idea. I celebrate the entire catalog.

To keep all the set ownership/username info in the same place, I set up a Google Sheet everyone should be able to edit:

@Baelnor, if you think it’ll be useful, maybe put this link in the first post, too?


Can we all agree that there isn’t anything worse than ending a turn with 1 rune and 1 power?


Hi @Blackfyre - I’m goatfeeder in game. Sent you a friend request…

Status update:

@feederofgoats vs @Blackfyre:

  • lists updated
  • both games created

@Baelnor thanks for setting this up. While Ascension doesn’t always get all the love as a game, the seamlessness and ease of Playdek’s online system means it will always be in my rotation. It’s simply such a pleasure to play - never borks, never fails to give notifications, and it basically just always works.

Plus it’s always nice to have games in addition to my 76 against @whovian223, which range from single deck to let’s see what happens when we pile MoAr cArDs into the deck. (spoiler: pure chaotic shenanigans. You need energy for a card? Fool, you won’t see an energy card all game. You like events? Nope. But random chaos, we’ve got that in spades lol).

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Well done @jason1002! No further comments :grinning:

We were playing with Realms Unraveled and Dawn of Champions. I got Starlight Sanctuary pretty early. That’s the construct that allows you to get a hero for free after you buy one. (It has to be lesser value). I eventually transformed a card into Adayu the Serene, and his multi-unite made for a long turn.

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@KYakerDude 116 @robthomasson 92
@KYakerDude 64 @robthomasson 69

@KYakerDude was first player in both games. Limited edition screenshot prints of the results available on request. Two good snappy games.

You know, I had forgotten how good this game is multiplayer - I managed to hit some good math early on

Gg! Thought I had it till I saw your card vps!