Sagrada Tournament master thread

P.S. sorry for jumping the gun and sending out the invite too early. Should’ve read the instructions more closely.

GG @robthomasson

I am surprised it was that close … I felt outplayed throughout and used up all my favour tokens. But the result was still as expected … well played @Mirefox!

Interesting that you say that because I play this more or less like a solitaire game and generally pay little attention to what my opponent does. It is hard enough for me to fill my board without worrying about how to deny other players their needed die. Perhaps this is why I did t fare so well against @JHTaube. What are you looking in your opponents’ moves? Perhaps I’m missing out on a strategy.

On the rare occasions when there are two equally preferable, it may be of use to guess your opponents need. But it’s not a skill I’ve developed yet.

Mostly I wasn’t feeling good about my window and yours was coming along nicely.

I do prioritise my window but check that of my opponent to see what might be coming back to me or when I have two choices to see if one hinders the opponent more. This is really most (only?) relevant in the later stages.

In our game I wanted to use Running Pliers because on a late turn there were only two dice that suited me and you could use both of them to good effect. One of them was especially great for you so, as I could not grok Running Pliers, I stashed it in the reserve (or whatever it is called) which cost me but it would have cost you more to retrieve it.

I’m no master at this game, but to me it seems like your private objective can almost always get you more points than your public. For example, if you get 5 points for color variety in a column, why would you even try that if you can put two of your private objective dice for up to 12 points? I know there are a lot of variables as far as what you can place and where, but am I wrong in thinking that if I’m going to prioritize, it is likely smarter to prioritize my private color?

Just used Running Pliers and thought I’d chime in—if you place your first die, you can click on that tool before clicking the green arrow to finish the turn and draft your second die, too.

Good game Rob. Close one.

Good game!

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Good game! I’m on a terrible run of losing games to you today … :expressionless:

@JHTaube Friend request sent …

Good game Joe!

JS barely squeaks out a win over @JHTaube - gg!

Those random tools are terrible! Gg!

Results logged to here (9). If you’ve finished your current games, generally go ahead and send out the next invitation.

SpiceTheCat over @johnl 50-35. That was a fiddly set of objectives and the last dice roll was terrible for both of us :blush: good game.

Whovian over @JHTaube

Close game!

@johnl over @Mirefox

Good game!

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Oof, bad game on my part, great game on @SpiceTheCat’s

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