Sagrada, anybody?

I bought the Sagrada early access app on Steam and would like to do a review of it.

It’s Dire Wolf Digital so I’m assuming online play is async.

Anybody want to help me try out the multiplayer?

Well… I think I’ve sent you an invitation, or maybe 2. Alternatively, the multiplayer might just be not actually functional.

Edit: also the endgame scoring is a bit hard to follow, partly because I’m not sure what the some of the criteria actually mean and partly because the opponent scoring isn’t shown.

When I get to my computer, I’ll check.

Hope it’s working. And when I said “Review,” I actually mean impressions so far, since it’s not good to review an early access game

Did you set it up as a 4-player game? It says it’s still waiting for 2 players (but I just joined it)

Edit: Also, I clicked on you on my Friends list and it just sat there waiting, so maybe only live games can go through the friends list right now? I don’t know.

I tried to invite you directly through the friends list and got the blank screen. The 4P game was after that.

I’ve started a new 2P private game, pw is stately.

Are you sure that’s the password, no capitals at all?

It’s not working with “stately”

I was sure, but there’s no way to check. Ok, tried another game and the pw is dave (very definitely all lower case).

I also tried to start the 4P game and it won’t - after selecting the window card, clicking on continue doesn’t seem to do anything.

It’s a nice lightweight game otherwise. I look forward to the mp going reliably live.

It’s not letting me join any games.

I tried @SpiceTheCat’s game, and typing in the password didn’t let me join.

I received John’s game (I don’t remember what your name is here, John, sorry!) and it wouldn’t let me get past the “choose a pane” screen.

I’ll report the bug.

Maybe one day we can get it to work!

Hmph, pity. There are a few other rough edges - sometimes the local game defaults to 2P even though I selected 3P or 4P - but that’s early access, I guess.

Yeah, I noticed that 2-player default too, but the next time I went in it was fine.

I’ll let you know what I hear back.

Tried to invite you directly again, and got to a proper game set-up screen. After sending the invitation, I got a pop-up saying the invitation couldn’t be sent, but it also let me pick a window and says it’s waiting for you to do the same. Progress…

Edit: I was resigned from the 4P game I couldn’t start and the lobby is now empty.

I’ve also set up a 2P game in the lobby, pw definitely „dave“ :blush:

The invite worked!

In fact, both games worked. Even the password one.

We’re in two games now. :slight_smile:

Excellent. Moved in both.

Oddly, the first move seems to be a bit bugged, with the „wrong“ one of us getting first dice choice compared to what the move order track says. Oh well. Not a game breaker :blush:

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That’s weird.

Both of them have us alternating turn order rather than going “me, you, you me” or vice versa. Wonder if it will keep that up in subsequent rounds.

I just started an AI game and it does that correctly.

I’ll report that as a bug.

And no notifications (on Steam anyway, but I don’t know if Dire Wolf does Steam notifications…does Raiders of the North Sea on Steam have notifications?)

We can take this to private messages for turns if you like.

All of my AI games have had the right turn order as well.

One of our games is is now on round 2 with you going first and the dice are with you to choose, so that’s right.

I think pm turn reminders is a good idea, not least because I’m playing this through the Steam Link app so I wouldn’t see any reminders even if they did exist :blush:


I’ve now written my early access “review” of it and it will be going out on Monday morning.

@johnl, I think you invited me to a game, but it expired or something? I got a notice of something like that when I last logged in.

Are you both up to a 3-player game?

Definitely up for 3P.

Finally managed to win a 4P game on hard vs the AI after getting repeatedly stomped. The bots are good :robot:

Set up a game with you and @johnl

Posted my First Look yesterday, and then it came out on iOS and Android today!

Hopefully there will be notifications (it asked me if I wanted them enabled when I installed it on iOS). I was told by Dire Wolf that Steam notifications would be coming soon.

Anyway, @johnl it’s your turn in the 3-player game I set up and I’m now taking my turns in the 2-player games with @SpiceTheCat

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I don’t see it on iOS in The US. I assume it is going through the submission process, or whatever it is, soon.

All of Dire Wolf’s newer apps have asynchronous play with notifications but, strangely, no notification sound. I e-mailed them about it and they said sound is a system option but there is clearly no sound option in my notification menu for either Raiders or Y&Y.