Sagrada, anybody?

Very weird.

And yeah, I heard there were some propagation issues in the US for some reason.

It’s definitely available in Canada and other places.

I hardly ever have sound on so I wasn’t aware that was an issue!

Sound is probably my most important notification element so it is very obvious to me. I can live, but since we are talking about it, here is what Y&Y looks in the notification options versus TTA. Dire Wolf was clearly wrong in their response to me.

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I am new to Sagrada … fresh from the tutorial and open to invites …

Grabbed it this morning too, looks like a fun one.

I don’t have it yet but will be getting it. Does anyone know if the expansion objectives are in? They simply make the game better. Otherwise, private objectives are all very basic and similar.

No expansion stuff yet.

They haven’t added any expansion stuff to Raiders of the North Sea either (I almost typed Raiders of the Lost Ark, and how is your self-isolation going?), so I’m not sure how they’re doing with expansions in general.

Small bummer but no big deal. I know they haven’t expanded other games, but new objective cards is such a basic addition that I was maybe just threw some in.

I’ll play too if you guys want a big game.

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I’ll play.

If there’s room for one more, then sure!

What’s your friend code Mirefox?

The portrait only restriction is annoying on iPad…



It is, though I can kind of understand it.

Yeah, so many games do that these days. Aggravating as hell when they have a damned pc version. If probably have bought it otherwise.

I can’t remember what it is, but there’s one rule/instruction in the game that only makes sense for the Steam version, even though it’s on the iOS app.

So it would have been nice if they actually paid attention to that stuff when they adapted it.

You missed the first game, but I’ll start a second if people want another game.

@whovian223, @johnl, @Mirefox, @robthomasson, @js619, @Hardco, @Misguided

As this is a nice little filler game and a bunch of us seem to have bought it already, would you be up for a relaxed mini-tournament?

If yes, I’ll do a general sign-up thread.

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Sure thing!

I’ll play.