Review: Terraforming Mars


Wouldn’t hold your breath. After the dev team went under it’s been radio silence, and the beta expiring doesn’t do much to relieve the sense of impending doom on this app…


they’ve said they’re working on finishing it in house but that’s the last we’ve heard. I’ve not gotten any replies to queries about its current state.


From the devs on the beta forums:

Hello, we’re investigating this issue with the iOS version. Thanks to Gamgroll for bringing it up.

The development actively continues and we’ll share an update either in October or November to add bugfixes and improvements.


I miss TfM.

Is there any update on the beta forums? Was that post indicating that they plan to re-validate the iOS beta again?

Also where is this tfm beta forum? Got a link? I couldn’t find it on google nor their website.


Here’s the beta forum, but there isn’t much participation…


I got tired of commenting to deaf ears on there…


Just got a TestFlight notification that the iOS version is available to test again!


Well, I guess just about any news is good news.


Full mobile release next week bois!


For those that have purchased the iOS app…do notifications work?


I’m willing to play a game with someone to test it out with the one caveat that if notifications don’t work I’m likely to forfeit/abandon the game. With a game this long and involved I can’t be bothered to just randomly check in from time to time to see if it is my turn.

My game name is Mirefox


so let’s check it out.
i’m ok with abandoning the game when notifications won’t work.
will send an invitation your way, @Mirefox.
there won’t be a notification for the invite though.
you must fire up the game to see it.

oops, the first invitation had drafts and company modus activated.
so better just decline that one.
have sent a second invitation with both options OFF.

had to add you to my friendslist before. but that’s easily done on the website :+1:


For what it’s worth, I didn’t even see the first invite, just the second. I joined and picked (read: agonized over) my cards.

There appears to be a chat function and a game log, but it looks like your opponents’ names aren’t visible, just their colors.

Edit: the first invite appeared when I logged back on. Declined.


maybe the first invite was overwritten when i created a new invite? guess so.

good news is that i can see this when tapping on “i” in “resume”.


Yes, bad news is you took your turn and I got no notification that it was my turn. My first action was mandatory, so maybe that messed with the game? We will see.


yup, i only got to choose my corporation. a kind of set-up only.
but it would have been better to be notified for that as well.


No, not just card selection - my corporation made me draw cards as my first action. So I actually took my first full turn now.


While the game doesn’t show player names (including your own), the chat log will show you who is who. There is a small colored banner next to each name that corresponds to the player color.


and we can see player names and colors when tapping the information button in “resume” menu before entering the game.
i have no problem with that.

i was a bit surprised that there are no turn replays. but the log does a good job to keep us informed about opponents’ moves.

that we get no notifications hurts a lot.


Oh, good grief, I didn’t realize we wouldn’t see turn replays, either.

Seriously, someone signed off on this; what is wrong with them?