Review: Terraforming Mars


Wouldn’t hold your breath. After the dev team went under it’s been radio silence, and the beta expiring doesn’t do much to relieve the sense of impending doom on this app…


they’ve said they’re working on finishing it in house but that’s the last we’ve heard. I’ve not gotten any replies to queries about its current state.


From the devs on the beta forums:

Hello, we’re investigating this issue with the iOS version. Thanks to Gamgroll for bringing it up.

The development actively continues and we’ll share an update either in October or November to add bugfixes and improvements.


I miss TfM.

Is there any update on the beta forums? Was that post indicating that they plan to re-validate the iOS beta again?

Also where is this tfm beta forum? Got a link? I couldn’t find it on google nor their website.


Here’s the beta forum, but there isn’t much participation…


I got tired of commenting to deaf ears on there…