Review: Terraforming Mars


I just got a TestFlight notification that version 1.0 (611) is available for testing. Dare I update … that’s the version that was giving @Neumannium problems. Or maybe it was just that we were on different versions.

I’ve been getting on so well with the previous version (good little run this morning when both @whovian223 and I were online and taking turns - could just stay in the app and receive the turn updates) that I will take pause before going to 1.0 (611). Maybe someone else will take the plunge … :sunglasses:


I took the plunge since I lost access to the game I was playing in the old version, and I’d be happy to start a game with anyone else who has. I’m mgeiger9 in game.



I sent an invite for a two-player game just to see if it works. If it does I can always forfeit in favour of a three or four player game.


The new version adds 30 and 45 day timers, so that will be nice.

I updated.

Anybody for a game?


Okay, given that you both updated I have too. The longer timers are welcome.

I am ready to play again …


Ok, it’s created. 45 day timer.

That’s for @robthomasson and @geigerm by the way. LOL


Would you mind starting a game and inviting me? I’m curious to see if the issue was just that we were on different versions or if there’s something else going on. I’m on version (611)


I’m in with @robthomasson and @Hardco but always up for another as well.


Invite sent for @Neumannium and @js619


Me too please!


Right … I will create another game for @Hardco, @js619 and @Neumannium.

If you can’t tell which is which just accept both and we can then drop the one without @hardco


This is all very promising. Hopefully they’ll respond to your feedback, and you won’t all be too bored with the game to carry on playing with us non-testers when it finally comes out :slight_smile:


I received both invites, but the games seem to disappear once you do so. One of the games popped up in my ‘Resume’ menu this morning. I’m guessing that the game doesn’t show up in your log until everyone takes at least a turn (or accepts the invite?).

Anyway, one game has actually been joined which is exciting.


Ha! I hope so too. I think that we will have a good pool of players here.

Meanwhile … @Neumannium Dave! We have achieved a game with you! Excellent. And yes … a new game goes “invisible” after you create/accept until all players have accepted.


That’s a weird choice. I kept thinking that the games were disappearing after I accepted the invite.


I will try again, given the updates if anyone wants to invite me?


Looks like the TestFlight build is not far away from expiration for me. Hope they release a new build, or better still hope it’s all done, set, and ready for take off.


Aaaaaaand it’s expired…goooooonnne. No one care anymore lol?

Hopefully we see a App Store release now.


Yup, our 3p game went with it as well


I got really excited for a brief moment seeing that this thread updated. I don’t know if it was ever come firmed but I remember reading that Asmodee was going to release the game in August or September, meaning we are right at the end of that window.