Review: Terraforming Mars


I was, quietly!

Their PC/Steam beta isn’t getting a lot of love either it would appear so presumably things have drastically slowed down at their end. Like you say, it’s pretty darned decent for a first build and they’re soooo slose!


I’m at version 1.0(611) and have been getting updates every couple weeks…

The latest was June 28, 2019

Does this fit your experience or am I on a different beta track?


I’m looking at version 1.0, build 518.


Like @Geigerm above, I too am on 1.0(518) and have had no updates to install. Not a moan, merely an observation.

Perhaps you can enlighten us Dave, as to how it’s changed over the intervening months, and what we have to look forward to? Or perhaps you’re saving it for part of a front page write-up?!


1.0(518) here as well. No updates made me feel like all the feedback I was giving on their beta site was for naught.


Yep, still on 1(518) for me also.

Dave, you must be the chosen one!


To be honest, I haven’t looked into it much since my last few attempts at online async games fell apart in disastrous fashion.

I’ll take another look and see if I can notice any big changes.


My sentiments exactly.


I am up for a game if you decide to take the plunge.

The only “falling apart” I have encountered is a player getting fed up when turn notifications were not working. It was annoying as you would have to into each game to see if it was your turn. Overall notifications got fixed and you only need to check your games when the red badge shows.

The gameplay side of the app has been solid. When it has steadfastly refused to let me do what I want it has always turned out that I was deluded and that the app was correct.


I’ll play another game if we want an async game without disastrous results…


Excellent. We will wait and see whether @Neumannium bites …


I’m in.

Weirdly, I cannot start an online game in this latest version. The button is there and not greyed out, but it does nothing when I press.

Curious to see if I can still be invited into a game…

If we do play online, I’m not sure we should do the drafting variant. That’s really where things fell apart, with a ton of short turns all back-to-back and no notifications, etc.

Or we could try it and see if it’s working better now. Up to you guys.

Can’t remember if I’m Neumannium in there or my email (neumann2706-at-gmail-dot-com)


I suspect that I have created a game for us three @hardco @Neumannium.

If it was the Online button that was greyed out then could have been a server issue. Anyway … see if you can see an invite …


Well, I’m logged in with Asmodee account (Neumannium) and can go into the Online area now, but I don’t see an invite to a game anywhere.

Resume is greyed out, and when I go to ‘Join Game’ there are none listed.

I could create a game but I’d need everyone’s Asmodee logins. Otherwise, you can try to create a new one?

Let me know what you want to do.


Anyone know of a good guide to the game? I’m too lazy to search for one at the moment and figured I’d just ask you guys. My current opponents @whovian223 and @robthomasson can vouch for the fact that I don’t know what I’m doing.


I’m pretty sure the invite timed out and the game was cancelled. My Asmodee login is hardco. Have they added the ability to add friends in the latest version?


@Neumannium I think it may be that you will not see the game invite until @hardco accepts it. I invited him before I invited you … so try when he confirms he has accepted.

Also interesting, oh so very interesting, to see if you get a red badge notification for the invite …


What?!? Invites have to be accepted in order? Sigh…


It is, unfortunately, the best of the possible explanations. Apart from me having cocked up the invite completely of course.

We definitely have to pick our cards at the start of a generation (without draft in force) in order even though it is a simultaneous action.

Ever thought about consulting on async design?


Crossed messages … I guess this appeared whilst I was composing my reply to Dave. Well, I have not had invites time out before or get cancelled, but It is a beta and previously good behaviour could be nullified.

I sent a new invite … if you see two then ignore one.

AFAIK Friends can only be added at Asmodee Central. I added Dave that way and he showed up in the app straightaway.