Review: Terraforming Mars


I believe that is the case, but I haven’t heard it “officially” from Asmodee yet.

Have you read this thread? The insane entitlement there is staggering.

I would pay $20, but $25? For a board game???

$25 with no drafting and no expansions??? I"m out!

Everything’s not perfect and it’s $25!!!

These are the same people who will go post in the forums for other games wondering why there isn’t a digital version of THAT game out or complaining because Telltale went out of business and, screw all the people who don’t have jobs, now I won’t get to see how The Walking Dead ends. Poor me.

It’s a long time coming, but I might just give BGG the boot.


Yup, that’s the thread.


Didn’t even make it halfway down the first page. Just to thumb my nose at those trolls, I would gladly pay $25 for this, and on mobile no less. You get what you pay for…


Whoops! I must have skimmed past that part.



The Reddit thread is even worse.

I felt dirty reading it…


I feel dirty everytime I go on Reddit… with my throwaway account… bah dum bum…


I was looking at some of the collections for the people that were the most vocal complainants and most of them own over 200 games and some are pushing 1,000. I was about to call them out but then decided just to leave. I wonder how many of them have bought anything extra to supplement their games - sleeves, fancy bits, box organizers, etc.?


Ok, maybe this is me skimming the review again (sorry! LOL), but the async multiplayer seems to require us to stay in the game until all three have joined, much like Ticket to Ride and the like.

Again, am I missing something? Is it possible to just send an invite and leave?


Whoever thought up that system is a brain-dead idiot. I don’t know how it works in this game because I’m holding out for iOS, but TTR is a joke. It is completely non-sensical to me.


Seems typical Asmodee async implementation (but Small Worlds if I recall well).
I participated in various Asmodee beta tests and I’ve been always very vocal about the silliness of the implementation, but apparently I was alone.
Makes absolutely no sense.
Hopefully it will change (the devs, at least on Steam, seem very active with already a patch out, after the onslaught of critics and bad reviews) but I’m not really that confident (never changed for any other Asmodee game using this implementation).
At least it’s async (I mean…after the invites are out and accepted, lol).


my Buddies group could start TTR games by creating games and sending invites. no need to stay in the game in order to get it going.


That is true (though it didn’t work all of the time).

But the other Asmodee games, you had to stay in the game.

The invite I sent out yesterday, they both got the invite but since I wasn’t in there anymore, it didn’t go anywhere. One friend was able to choose corporations, but then when he went back, he had to choose them again. The other friend said the game didn’t work when she went into it.

I went back to it and it basically crashed when I went into the game.


TTR: yup. sometimes invites didn’t come through to all players and we had to do it over and over again.


Finally got into a game with two of my friends!

Took a lot of finagling, leaving the game open for about an hour and Steam messages back and forth, but it finally worked.

Would be nice if you could just invite and go away, but oh well.


Finally did my review of the game.

Even have a sucking up…I mean really nice comment about Dave!



Great review … very readable, the frustration and the appreciation both flow from the page … showing it is the writing of a real person.


If only I could like a post multiple times. LOL

Thanks, Rob!


Just wondering - I’m in the ios beta for TM but haven’t had it updated yet (still on Build 1.0). It expires in 2 weeks.

I presume we’re all in the same boat?


Yes, it’s hard to take the beta testing seriously if they aren’t updating the app with comments…


Agreed. I’m in the beta too. Love the game. Implementation is half decent. And being a beta there should be a half decent chance they can make it an amazing app. It’s nearly there. I’ve found a few bugs and frustrations though.

That said, yeh it’s totally weird they haven’t said boo about it nor provided one update m

Just a note; pretty sure the supposed expiry in TestFlight doesn’t mean the game will explode on your device. I think. I’ve had heaps of beta’s still work after that expiry. If anyone was wondering/getting anxious.