Redwall! I mean, Everdell!

Okay, I’m jumping the gun by a day but I have to imagine I’m not going to be the only one ready to play a game tomorrow. I figured I’d get the thread up and running and we can get games going when people are ready.


Yup, I will buy it tomorrow and will be ready to play.

I’ll be buying it tomorrow but not sure how fast I’ll be ready :slight_smile:

It’s in my iPhone already…. Will have to play!

I’m boycotting it until I can legally take a mouse as my wife


They just turn into shrews.



I am going to sleep, but game just downloaded.

I have a few of you on my Direfox friends list, but I don’t see Mirefox.

I think you need to send me a request (or I send one to you) but anyone can friend me at as I think it is by email address.

Ok, I think I’m ready to lose a game.

interesting, I see some peoples names on my friends list, but I think you have to connect with them again?

Oh, it might be because they dont have the game, and I just invited them to buy the game?

I played a quick game against the AI this morning, and app runs smoothly on the iPad

I’m Mirefox 9516 on DWD games.

I think I just sent you a friend request @Mirefox

And I think I just accepted.

Cool, it does appear that I have started a 3 person game with @whovian223 and @Mirefox

I will play more games also as others pick up the app.

I did not get an iOS notification for the invite but I did get the pop-up in game.

I’ve joined but I need to run through the tutorial sometime. I own the physical game but need a little refresher.

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BOOO if there are no notifications.

Let’s hope it’s just for the invite. All their other asynchronous games tend to work.

I received the invite notification and just joined, taking my first turn (I guess I was start player!)

Good news!


Yup, I got my turn notification. Like I said, though, hang tight. I want to run through the tutorial this evening.

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