Race for the Galaxy Three-way Galactic Master


We need more Race for the Galaxy goodness in our lives! Time to make a Challenge thread that allows more than 1 on 1 play. Is it possible to have too many challenge threads?

The challenges will work the way they do in the 1 on 1 challenge. But the game is created with the first two challengers (#1 and #2 on the list). Friend codes may be found here.

Just to be clear once you play a game you are taken off the challenge list and may put yourself back at the bottom of the list. i.e. If you are part of a game as #2 on the list you don’t move into #1 on the list and get a second game.

Icon list: :sparkles::surfer:


Challenge List:

    • Your name here - :grinning:
    • Your name here - :grinning:


ME! halfvoid in game. (EJ6MCVTT) :skull:


Count me in: geigerm in-game.

I think that means we’re set with:

Icon list: :sparkles::surfer:

Challengers: @halfvoid & @geigerm

Who sends the challenge?


I’ve sent out the challenge! First game underway.


Can’t quote on my phone, but put me on the list please.

3 JulesvH


I cant commit to another game right now, but I had to drop in to say this.


I would like to be in the next 3 way challenge.


Nice game @geigerm and @halfvoid

Icon list: :sparkles::surfer::surfer:

Challengers : @Jules and @jason1002

Challenge list:


Good game @KYakerDude!

I’ll jump back on the challenger list:

Icon list: :sparkles::surfer::surfer:

Challengers : Jules and jason1002

Challenge list:


Count me in again too. Always happy for more RFTG.

Icon list: :sparkles::surfer::surfer:

Challengers : Jules and jason1002

Challenge list:


Icon list: :sparkles::surfer::surfer::surfer:

Challengers : @geigerm and @halfvoid

Challenge list:

  • Your name -

Nice game @Jules and @jason1002! I had some great cards that worked together with the goals.


Great game @geigerm and @halfvoid! I managed to squeak by Halfvoid at the end.

Icon list: :sparkles::surfer::surfer::surfer::surfer:

Challengers : - Your name -

Challenge list:- Your name -


Throw me back on. Always up for more RftG.

Review: Race for the Galaxy


Jason1002 CUF9WPCC


It looks like the game timed out. I think it was @halfvoid that missed the turn. Since there are not any other challengers I’ll setup another game with @jason1002.

Icon list: :sparkles::surfer::surfer::surfer::surfer:

Challengers : halfvoid and Jason1002

Challenge list:- Your name -


Yeah, probably my fault, had a friend visiting from the US and couldn’t easily make time for games last week. Back in action now though. :smiley:


Good game. I only won by a couple points. I like 3-player in that there is more of a guessing game about what action to take. I sometimes sit and have to really think about it.


I’ll join.

I’m getting fairly burned out on the two-player advanced, super-aggro version of the game.



I will join … so I think possibly that is you plus @TheDukester and myself … unless I misunderstood…


Yes, if you two are playing the winner (me), then that makes sense. What is your friend code, @robthomasson ?