Race for the Galaxy Three-way Galactic Master


playing with takeovers?
only direct aggression that comes to my mind in games without takeovers would be taking away a 5-point goal.


I am A23WSWNN. Obviously :nerd: It just rolls off the tongue.


@jason1002 what is your icon? You need to add it to the list after the stars and before my surfer. Great game! I had a few great cards left to play, but just couldn’t get them out there.

The three player game is very different from the two player version. I didn’t think about it much until TheDukester mentioned how aggressive the two player version is. It seems the best plan is to get cards down as fast as possible. While the three player game involves more planning to optimize your plays.

I’ve added TheDukester and Robthomasson as challengers.

Icon list: :sparkles::surfer::surfer::surfer::surfer:

Challengers : @TheDukester and @robthomasson

Challenge list:
KYakerDude :surfer:


It’s a Dice (one die). I have a string of them displayed in the 1 on 1 rftg challenge. I forgot we were doing that here, too .


Icon list: :sparkles::game_die::surfer::surfer::surfer::surfer:

Challengers : @TheDukester and @robthomasson

Challenge list:
KYakerDude :surfer:


Aggro meaning “fast.”

The key to success in the two-player game is to spam out your cards as fast as you can. The three- and four-player version plays much differently.


I won again. I’m taking a break from the 3 player because I have too many league games going on.


That was a good game.

I was second, and @robthomasson was third. Should the two of us await a challenger and keep going?


I would expect @TheDukester to stay on and play the next two challengers … whoch would be @KYakerDude and the next person to sign up.

I just had a chance at the crown of three-ways and will wait before rejoining the queue.


Since we don’t have another third person on the list. I’ll setup a game with @TheDukester and @robthomasson.

Icon list: :sparkles::game_die::game_die::surfer::surfer::surfer::surfer:

Challengers : KYakerDude, @TheDukester and @robthomasson

Challenge list: