Race for the Galaxy friend codes

My friend code is 715JQWVV

My Name and friendcode:
Grmph_01 - KB3ZW4SS

See u online :slight_smile:

Bump, for great justice!

Add your codes, clowns. The app has been updated, and there’s way more room on your friends list.

Who’s up for a match?


I always am!!!

Always up for a match here too! @irishdomer08, I think we have a game going from your iPad?

Always up for a game …

I’m always up for a match. I’ll play with any number of players.

I have one 3-player game and a few 2-player games going. Would love to try a 4-player

I don’t see it anymore. I’ll start a new one

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I setup a game with you on your iPad account, you phone one seems to have disappeared and I cannot add it back.

I an always up for some games. Prefer 2 player, but want to try a 4 player game.

I upgraded iPhones, and downloaded Rftg again and “restored” my expansion purchases. However my friend code has changed and I have to make a new profile. Is this what is supposed to happen? I was trying to find help online but couldn’t find any. Thanks.

it happened to me too!
i got a new code and my friendslist had been reset. so i had to copy & paste all codes again.

but you can look into “Profiles” (tap on your avatar to open the Stats/Profiles screen). maybe both profiles will be there, and you could switch back to the old profile, and delete the new one.
i stumbled upon this too late. but i don’t know if your old friendslist and code will be back again when switching to old profile.

my new code is JammaTal 4G68I3YY

My new code

Jason1002 CUF9WPCC

My friend code: W3YZBJ22

This is the first async game in years to gain the ‘bottom icon row’ status for me.

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Just started, my code is BX1K7LFF

3EG1UD77…my code

I’m WMRRYM66 / sch01ar. New player; challenge me now b4 I get good!

Had to reset my account. New friend code of: L9ZQR2HH