Review: Race for the Galaxy

It adds in six additional starting worlds… I’m trying to find a link showing them. Doesn’t change the mechanics or rules of the game at all though.

edit: found the worlds on BGG -


And an update too. I’m already really happy with my purchase, and this is getting even better!

Glad they added the notifications and Next Game button!

What @js619 said. I wanted to add, however, that if you want to expand your game and can only afford one, pick up Gathering Storm and play with Goals. I find them to be a fantastic addition to the game. I’m less excited about the RvI expansion. I have it for the new cards/goals it offers, but I’m not a huge fan of the “takeover” mechanism it added. Luckily, you can turn off takeovers and just play with the new cards which is nice, but not as essential as getting the goals with the Gathering Storm expansion.


Me too…now take your turn! We’ve had a game waiting since the beta!

We do? It made me uninstall the beta when I installed the retail version… gah… Send me / post your friend code, let’s start a new game.

Added it to the RftG friend code thread. Created a game for us as well. :slight_smile:

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Doesn’t appear as if you can see more than 6 friends… or am I missing something?

Tap the little arrow on the right side of the box.

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Ah, thanks!

“San Juan in space” is even closer.

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Actually the choice is made for you. Trying to buy RvI brings up a screen saying that owning GS is mandatory.

Thanks for the noob impressions @geigerm and @Snotty128

I will probably pick it up, though something turns me off about it, I can’t say what. I bounce off most games I play pretty hard, even when they are good (e.g. I won the first game of Ghost Stories I ever played, then didn’t play again).

I would like a nice play video, though I doubt it would be that entertaining to watch.

It’s probably that it starts out (for most players) as multiplayer solitaire. It’s so easy to laser-focus on your set-up, and to feel like there’s nothing you can do about the other guy, that it seems like you’re actually playing a solo game.

It’s a fair complaint, but things usually start to get better when you gain enough experience to really examine the other guy’s set-up and start screwing him/her over as much as possible.

Or … it could be that you think the game sometimes plays itself. Which, honestly, isn’t that unfair.

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Nah, it’s not that, at least for me. It’s probably the choice of action. I’m not big on choosing a role each turn as a mechanic. This isn’t exactly like that, but somewhat.

The nearest thing I’ve played is Le Havre, which I bounced off so hard I left a crater and a mass dinosaur extinction. Might give RftG a go though, given the enthusiasm.

I am also not sure I’d like to take the risk of buying the game. The games mentioned to compare RftG with (San Juan, Puerto Rico, Le Havre) aren’t games I enjoy. Too Euro for my taste, too much “Spreadsheet”, too complex to be enjoyable for me.

Nevertheless I’m very happy about a good boardgame port, especially from a new developer. I hope they have enough success with it to make more.

I just wanted to say that this game is great. I like San Juan, which this has been compared to, better than Puerto Rico. This game just adds so many additional strategies and goals it is fun to play the variations. I’ve not had an opportunity to play a military strategy, yet. Hopefully I’ll have a hand that provides that opportunity. And someday I’ll decide to play the hard AI.

I like the two player expert option to choose two actions each turn. I feel I’m able to link actions together to get more done.

I can see where the expansions add a lot, and have played them a little with Stately Players that have them. I’ve not bought the expansions yet, but they are on the radar.

So what’s everybody’s favourite player count?

I know one or two people who prefer 2-player only. What about others? I’d like to start some other games but would like to keep a good player count to keep people happy.

FWIW, I don’t think it’s much like Le Havre. Then again, I loathe Le Havre with the heat of a thousand suns, so maybe I’m more biased than I realize.

San Juan, yes. Very similar. Not a big surprise, considering the design history of both games.