Race for the Galaxy 1 on 1 Galactic Master Challenge


The reign of the goats is over! Cracking game @SleepingGiant - I love how there seems to be so many different viable strategies in this game. I’ve not seen either of the things we tried in that game before…


GG @feederofgoats! Close one all the way to 47-43.

Next up: @kennfusion

For some reason when I copy and paste, all the glyphs get changed into the same one. Is anyone else experiencing that? I’ll update the whole list when we sort out that snag…


GG @kennfusion, I got some happy synergies and rolled up 75-24.

Copy and pasting the list still not working for me…

@JammaTal up next.


Ouch, that was brutal. I was never able to get anything going on my side.