Race for the Galaxy 1 on 1 Galactic Master Challenge


Apologies for the slow moves, laid up with the flu


No worries - hope you feel better…


Good game js619 - I got lucky with the game objectives.

feederofgoats over js619 86 to 45

:rocket::goat: :goat::game_die::game_die: :hatching_chick::smirk_cat::smirk_cat::aries::sunrise_over_mountains::sunrise_over_mountains::sunrise_over_mountains::sunrise_over_mountains::sunrise_over_mountains::sunrise_over_mountains:

Next up @Zebracadabra :bee:

Pitta :atom:
KYakerDude :surfing_man:
Sleeping Giant :sunrise_over_mountains:
kennfusion :8ball:
JammaTal :aries:
Irishdomer08 :race_car:
JMH.75 :smirk_cat:
Hardco :hatching_chick:
Snotty128 :four_leaf_clover:
jason1002 :game_die:


This was embarrassing lol… couldn’t get any decent cards nor engine together. GG!


I’m having trouble raising @Zebracadabra - does anybody have his friend code?


Sorry! Been so busy!


If you play the new expansion, I’ll probably just forfeit. Haven’t played it once and have not played takeovers either. If that doesn’t work for you, np.


No worries mate - I can do that. Will send invite tomorrow - just the base game then?


It’s been so long…I don’t remember! If there were two expansions, I was probably playing the first one. If there was only one, I didn’t play it. As long as we don’t do takeovers, I guess I’m okay.


I think I’ve got it right but let me know if you’d prefer something else.


I can play bonuses, if you’d prefer. I’ve accepted but we can either play this one for fun or ditch it, either way is fine.

Sorry, the last time I played was months ago and I’ve forgotten a lot.

Funny thing is, I was Galactic Master about five consecutive times at one point.


Sounds good - I’ve set up another one


Cheat sheet:

  • Base game
  • Gathering Storm: traditional “big expansion”; added goals
  • Rebel vs. Imperium: added takeovers
  • Brink of War: added prestige
  • Alien Artifacts: not yet released digitally