Potion Explosion 1:1 Tournament - looking for players

Great comeback win @Zebracadabra!

Thanks, gg, Joe. I just wish I didn’t have the opportunity to play that turn three times! The bug is serious and I hope it didn’t somehow cost you the game.

Ward and I drew the first game of the finals at 46. I’m having surgery tmw and informed Ward I will probably not be playing again until very late in the week (hopefully). If the tourney needs to be wrapped up sooner, I have no problem at all pulling out. I’ve had fun, done well, but I’d prefer it all go smoothly, rather than fudge up the works.


Sounds like Onirim is Asmodee’s only stable game …

There is no rush. Take your time.

Good luck with the surgery.

Whovian223 over @johnl 2-1 in the Consolation Round.

Both games I won, I had to do it on the last turn.


Congratulations to Whovian223 for winning third place! :champagne:

Consolations to Johnl

(Now I don’t feel so bad about losing in the first round to such an accomplished potionist!)

We will have to wait until Zebracadabra is feeling better after his medical procedure to see who wins first place.

It looks like @Zebracadabra is back from medical leave and should be ready to play @zen4one for the championship. If you guys haven’t started the final games, please do so now so we can have our Stately Play winner of the Potion Explosion 1:1 tournament!

First game was a tie. We are in the second game, only two medals left.

We have a winner!

Congratulations @zen4one! Our first Potion Explosion 1:1 tournament champion!

Great playing everyone.

@Zebracadabra came back from medical leave to finish the tournament in second place.

I wanted to point out that @whovian223 started out not winning any games in the group stage and exploded in the tournament stage to end up in third.

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Playing rope-a-dope! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks @KYakerDude for running the tourney!

yeah, thanks a lot! good job :+1:

btw the same accomplishment for johnl. starting with winning no game in the group stage and then going into bronze match.

both players with 0-3 scores from groups A and B managed to beat both group A and B winners in their first best-of-3 playoff match. wow.

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