Podcast 2: Audio Boogaloo


With the death of the first thread through unknown causes, I welcome you to the sequel.


Sorry everyone, I killed it.


It was a mercy killing, Dave.

https://www.acast.com/drunkwomen - this is just silly fun.

https://www.idlethumbs.net/3ma/episodes/valkyria-chronicles-4 - my new favourite anime war.

https://soundcloud.com/user424126/sets/ludica - Falling Sky, the COIN game.

https://www.spectology.com/e/62-ninefox-gambit-post-read-w-ellie-bartels-military-games-in-science-fiction/ - a fascinating discussion on wargaming in the military in addition to a sci-fi book club podcast.




Haven’t listened yet, but as someone with a degree in philosophy, I think it needs to go away…






I watch the Blacklist religiously. Yes, it’s silly, but James Spader is awesome and the show itself is interesting (if far-fetched).

The Blacklist Exposed is a great way to explore each episode after you’ve watched it.