Podcast 2: Audio Boogaloo


Definitely not a BDSM podcast.

Instead of the usual violent nonsense, a lovely thoughtful podcast this time:

After binging Season 3 of Ozark, I had to try and remember that Jason Bateman is actually funny.

The Smartless podcast lets me do that. With Will Arnett and Sean Hayes, they have guests as varied as George Clooney to Sam Harris (a neuroscientist and philosopher). I’ve only listened to two episodes (Clooney and Brian Cranston) and those episodes were wonderful

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A podcast attempting to cover the breadth of the Cold War.

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Escape from New York!

Probably the right demographic on here for this one.

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Possibly the most entertaining part of this podcast about Elizabeth Holmes and her Theranos nonsense is her financial backers, and their absolutely incoherent opinions as to why she was 100% legit and deserved millions in funding.