Players wanted for Steam Rails to Riches

Since that’s 5, I’ve started a game on the included Europe map. Game name is Snow Hill, pw is stately. :slight_smile:

Hi @Ids - just waiting for you to join the game and we can start. :slight_smile:

opps , missed this , joined now , good luck everybody !

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And we’re off. /stares at role cards. I have no idea… ok, engineer sounds… useful. Um.

For some reason, I do not get notifications for Steam. I am in the habit, though, of checking my games a couple times a day in case a notification was missed. Please feel free to bug me, though, if it is my turn and I haven’t gone for a while.

for me Steam is one of the most reliable games when it comes to notifications.
but you must activate push and/or email notifications inside the app.
and it’s not in Options.
in the Multiplayer screen tap on the gear symbol in the upper right corner and your Account screen will open.

Thanks for the games guys. im amazed at how much longer the standard game takes compared to the basic game. It wouldnt seem like that many more actions but its obviously enough to really slow things down

grats on the NE win, Snotty!
this was the last of my 3 Standard games.
i must say that i have only started Basic games since then.
for playing async i’m enjoying Basic more than Standard now.
and for upcoming tourney Standard is no option, to be honest.

btw did you know that for a Basic game we have the choice between simply randomizing player sequence OR starting a series of pre-game bidding auctions for player sequence in turn1 ?
for each slot in the player sequence a new bidding auction is started.
the screenshot shows the start of bidding for slot 2.
green had won the auction for 1st player slot and will have to pay 8 coins, starting with a minus balance.
must admit i did not know that. i think this option was installed by latest update.

Great game everyone! @jason1002, @Ids, @Mirefox, and @SpiceTheCat.

I’d love to say I knew what I was doing, but I’m not exactly sure how I ended up on top. After the last turn I realized I missed out on some points for completing tracks. I didn’t realize they counted for victory points. (I’m adding this not to gloat but so other new players learn from my mistake. I should really look over the rule book again.)

I’m happy to play a basic game again.


Kyakerdude, you kept taking the cubes I wanted and also you blocked where I wanted to lay my track several times. Good game.

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Strategy! Actually, I had no idea. Blundered through the game.

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Thanks to everyone for the game and congrats to @KYakerDude on the win. It looked pretty assured, viewed from the far end of the results table. I also got caught out by not having read the rulebook a couple of times - what do you mean, I can’t go through this city again, why can’t this yellow cube go through a yellow city and why can’t I build a city…ohhh…

Also up for another basic game.

Great game , first game i have finished in ages , they usually hang on indefinitely when someone
disappears , i am definitely up for another games , cheers Ian

I am also up for another game

Steam RtR is a blast, and it keeps getting better when learning the ropes by playing.

it may be the time to call to a little tourney now.
i will create a Tourney Thread :blush:

@KYakerDude, @jason1002, @Ids - I’ll set up a 4-player basic game this evening if you’re all still interested. Anyone else want to make it 5? (I think @Mirefox is off travelling atm)

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Good memory, StC. I’ll be out of town for two weeks, then back for three, then gone again for two. I should have coverage, but I don’t want to commit to anything as I could bog the game down a bit. Good luck to all you playing.

If you want a fifth player I’d be happy to join, no worries if you’ve already started a 4p game.

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@jason1002, @KYakerDude, @Ids, @SleepingGiant

New game started, name is Moor Street, pw is stately. :blush:

How do the DLC maps work? Does everyone have to own a map to play on it, or just the person who sets the game up? (Yes, could google, too lazy).

i think every player must own the map.
interesting new challenges on the new maps.
Northern England is a tough map. the BIG Canada/US (with harbor cities as starting points) map is challenging.
i don’t want to go without any of the DLC maps.