1st Stalely Play "Steam Rails to Riches" Championship

Hello Railroad Barons!
let’s see who is interested to play a little tourney.
could be 3P or 4P tables with the first two players steaming into next round.
will depend on the final number of players.
[edit] we will play the Basic Game.

i think i will wait for 1 or 2 weeks to collect interested players before starting the competition.
update: tourney will start at Sunday, 25th of June.

The Steam is On! :steam_locomotive::dash: :dash: :dash:

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I’m in! Great idea.

Sure thing … colour me interested and willing …

Basic or advanced game? Which maps?

good hint, Mirefox :thumbsup:

after having played many standard and basic games it felt so natural for me to only think on the Basic game for a tourney that i forgot to mention it :persevere:
i have edited the announcement post.

regarding the maps the players on each table can vote for or agree on a map all players own.
if any players only owns the maps which come along with the game, then one of those will be played. no one should be obliged to buy a map to play in the tourney.

I would like to be in it

Also in. Can only improve on last place…

Probably a good reason to buy it? Pencil me in

I would like to play as well , Ian (IDS)

I’ll play.

Im pretty busy for the next couple of weeks but Id love to play

Since there’s so many ppl wanting to play it, someone should start a password-protected game.

update: tourney will start next Sunday, 25th of June.

That whole week will be very busy for me. I should be able to join the game eventually but likely cant make any turns during that time

afaik no timer in Steam.
and i would really like to have you playing the tourney. always such a strong contender, and esp in Steam.
so i’m ready to give it a go.

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I’ll play, can probably make several turns per day, which should leave me boxed out of contention for winning very quickly, I’m fairly n00b at this game.


Take me off liost for this please, too much going on elsewhere


(And I have to find an iTunes card)

9 participants on three 3P tables:

table 1

table 2

table 3

first and second players on each table will be advancing to two 3P semifinal tables.
let’s play on the Southeastern Canada & Northeastern USA standard map, because it’s a good fit for 3 players.

player sequence for first turn is randomized by the game, so it does not matter who will create the games. names should be “SP table 1” and so on.
password: stately
Basic Game

i have just created “SP table 2”
so Snotty and robthomasson are invited to join :blush:

players from tables 1 and 3 should do so too and announce created tables in this thread.
:loudspeaker: the steam is on :steam_locomotive::dash::dash::dash:

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