Players wanted for Steam Rails to Riches

who would like to play a Basic game (again)?

i’m ready for every map, even the 2P

The 2p map is not very good in my opinion. Being able to only ship from one of the two side cities seems clunky

it’s a special challenge and well suited for a tight 2P match.
i have played the map in beta and liked it.

but i would prefer a 3, 4 or 5P basic game too.

I’ll play a basic game. I’m not very good though. Haven’t beaten the AI yet.

Joined your Room.

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I have joined your room as well

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I am willing to play another Basic or Standard game.

I am interested as well in paying a game of Steam , most other i join are stalled ,
prefer basic but will play the standard version as well , Ian

hello @Ids, with the latest update i think Steam is ready for a tourney.
as soon as all my 3 running games will be finished, i’ll make a call for that.

Sounds Great JammaTal , keep me in mind and i’ll keep an eye out
for the tourney. Ian

I’m also in for another one. I prefer standard.

It should take months for your 3 running games to be finished. I am in 2 games right now.

not quite so long.
all games in the last 2 or 3 rounds, but all games in standard mode.
i had to learn that standard games last about 3x longer than basic games.
for a tourney that would be too much imho.
for friendly games it’s ok.

I’d play a basic game.

Just bought the game, so I’d be up for a basic game too.

I’ll play a basic game. I still don’t know what I’m doing.

@Mirefox, @KYakerDude, that’s 3 of us for a basic game. Anyone else (@JammaTal, @Ids, @jason1002)?

Any map preferences or recommendations, while I’m at it?

I am in , i only have the basic maps but can buy maps if needed

My preference is for the Canada/US or Europe maps that come with the game. I’ve not bought any of the new maps.

Yes, I would like to play a basic game.

I also only own the maps that come with the game, though I would buy more if that were the consensus.