Neuroshima Hex tournament discussion thread

inspired by Dukester’s post in your year in gaming and by some spontaneous answers of players who confirmed their wish to play a tourney, i decided to open this thread.
so we can collect more interested players and start to discuss a possible tourney mode.
how to handle the different factions?
the last Qt3 league used a sophisticated randomizer system to assign factions to both players for each match.
or should we simply say “play with each faction only once”?
roundrobin league or elimination/double elimination?
this will be a long term project, i think.

I like the randomizer idea for factions… how about a bracket system for matches?

I like the Randomizer idea too, as long as it gives me the only faction that I stand a chance at winning with…

You’ll have to remind me which one that is… :smirk:

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The one that can redirect shots

Doomsday Machine.

I’m also game for a Neuroshima Hex tournament.

Ah, yeah. I had blocked out how much you whupped me with that one…

here a screenshot from the Qt3 league.
you can get the idea.
but i have no access to the engine or what would be needed.

That makes my head hurt. Would Challonge have something that suits our needs?

i don’t think so.
but i have figured out the mechanism. the link leads to and simply generates a random number.
so we could adapt the method.
but do we really want to do so?
eg some factions are banned from cardboard tournament play but are included in that setup (eg Dancer).
and it seems to be made for experienced NH players who know all the factions well and own them and have played with them.

i think we should aim for a low profile double elimination tourney (on Challonge) instead.
we could give players total freedom for choice of factions.
or we could limit choice of factions (eg play with each faction only once).
why in the first place should choice of factions be limited?

That chart thing from QT3 is overly-complicated and still doesn’t do much to ensure fairness. I’d avoid it, personally.

Challenge’s round-robin feature in the way to go. Everyone plays everyone once; players keep track of their own factions. NH is not good with brackets – two bad matchup and you’re done.

Portal is taking N. Hex back from Big Daddy’s.

There’s no way they could do worse with online multiplayer, so … bring it on, Portal. Let’s see what you’ve got.

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let’s hope a new edition will refresh interest in this great game again.
itm we are not enough players for a tournament.

I’d like to see the newer factions, too. Uranopolis is one of my favorite factions and Death Breath looks like it could be fun, though I haven’t played it yet.

here we are!
the long awaited update by Portal is live!

can’t wait to check out the online client.
who is ready for a game?

Is it? I haven’t received an update yet.

what? how can it be? version 3.1, Oct 30th

what? no one wants to play a game?

I received it today sometime.

I know it wasn’t there this morning before I left for work, though.

I’m all updated.

and ready to play, i presume :grimacing:

I suck, though. Just ask @js619