Neuroshima Hex tournament discussion thread


Haha… I’ll never sell you out, @whovian223! I’m always up for a game, (still) atrocious multiplayer notwithstanding.


ok, i will send you a PM with an email address, so you can invite me to a game :grin:


now this is a bummer!

the link in the invite email does not function.

so we are sitting here with a kind of busted online multiplayer :flushed:


Wow… just… wow. Such a great game, such a godawful port. Might be the second worst example of this, following Suburbia.


Just playing the devil’s advocate, here, since I want to cling to some shred of hope that things will get better.

Does anyone know how long Portal has actually had the app back in their hands? I know the reacquisition of the property was announced some time ago, but how long have they been working on it? I’m secretly hoping that they did little more than throw their name on the splash screen initially, with plans to work on it down the road.

The original app at some point simply stopped working for me. I couldn’t invite anyone, including my friends, and I never received notifications. If the new version hasn’t improved anything, the app is DOA for me.


i think Portal must rework the online multiplayer part.
my ingame friendslist is so outdated and screwed. for many players there are 3 or 4 entries, other long-time GC friends are not included at all. and games with new friends totally impossible itm :-1:
it should be easy to install password protected games at least.
i guess a CGE- and Playdek-like own friendslist system might be too much for them :unamused:


One suspects that Portal basically took back the code and slapped their logo on it. Everything else appears completely identical.

The only mystery is who did how much work on the new faction. I’ll give them credit for that; at least there’s some new content.

But, bottom line, N. Hex retains its prize as the worst multiplayer experience possible in strategy gaming.


now it’s more of a no-multiplayer-at-all experience. except with strangers and very old friends from the archaic ingame GC-based friendslist :flushed:
how could they do this? downgrading and ruining a low level status even more??
and it took nearly a year of hard work.


Does anyone know if there has been any word from Portal regarding this game?

I can’t even start a game with friends who are in my GC list - I just get an error every time I try. Why reacquire your game and then let it fester?


Haven’t heard a thing, nor have I seen an update since the initial artwork change… too bad, I do love this game. The app, on the other hand, is a hot sloppy mess.


it’s a complete desaster :flushed:

one of the BEST tactical 2P games in the appstore ruined and destroyed by a clueless and incompetent company named Portal Games.

and weren’t they very loudmouth about the relaunch?
the only way to contact their “support” seems to be by FB.
i posted a message on their board.


Twitter accounts are basically dead, too. Here’s the most recent exchange:

This game has never been marketed properly, especially on the app side. And, despite the updated graphics (blech), NH still looks and feels like App Store, circa 2011.

Poking around various Portal sites really gives the impression that NH is an incredibly low priority.

Time to pour out a 40, I think.


but at least you gave me back some kind of hope, Duke.

that Portal has admitted that “some” work has to be done.
and that they are trying to get it done. or so.
however slow that may be :disappointed:

so who wants to register for the upcoming 2019 tourney?

it’s more hope that we can have for the other remnant piece of Big Bad Daddy Creations, called Eclipse.
that one has disappeared behind the event horizon of a supermassive black hole.
last call was the promise to fix the GC invitations for friendly games…


i had posted on Portal Games facebook and got an answer:


If true, that’s good news. It does sound a little like excuses coupled with empty promises, though. Time will tell. Such an excellent game deserves better than where it is at right now.