Need to move on from Invisble Inc, or help me choose my next time sink


As I may have mentioned, Invisible Inc is tactical turn-based perfection which presses all the right buttons, but it may be time to choose a new meaty thinky solo time sink for the iPad.

Current favourites are;

Steamworld Heist
Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander
Out There Omega Edition
Cultist Simulator

all of which are highly regarded and have nothing in common. Yes, Civ VI isn’t on this list- I have it and bounced off it.

Which would you choose? What else would you suggest? Bring me your wisdom, SP Hive Mind.


Halcyon 6, but for purely subjective reasons. I love the 8-bit Star Trek meets Final Fantasy thing it does. Heist is good, too. Out There was good, but I grew tired of it fairly quickly. I haven’t played Cultist Simulator.


Halcyon 6 - good 4X, it got stale after a few runs for me. Good for those runs though.

Out There: it’s a roguelite. Really good, also got bored with it though that was 20ish hours later.

Cultist Simulator: I’m still working through this one. It’s good…if you’re willing to put in time to learn things. It really doesn’t explain anything.

Have you looked at Rome: Total war? The Quest HD? Templar Battleforce? Star Traders: Frontiers?


I played Out There and Steamworld Heist. Out There is an RNG fest that I quickly became bored with. Steamworld Heist was an excellent turn based strategy game with a cool shooting physics mechanic (trick ricochet shots).


I am a big fan of, and have sunk many hours into, Steamworld Heist, so that would be my recommendation. Other titles to consider… Sentinels of the Multiverse? Darkest Dungeon? The Sorcery! gamebook apps?


Chaos Reborn: Adventures

tactical fantasy battles in a campaign setting.


Cultist Simulator. Nowt else like it.


From that list, I have only played Steamworld Heist … great fun, lighter than Invisible Inc, recommended.

Chaos Reborn: Adventures is a good pull by @JammaTal - meatier (the game, not @JammaTal … probably) . I haven’t played Cultist Simulator but it feels inevitable.


Thanks gents. Gone with Steamworld Heist and Cultist Simulator. 2D robo-tactics and being effed by the ineffable👍