Need to move on from Invisble Inc, or help me choose my next time sink


Neither have I. Not a single minute.


Why? Are y’all trying to prove something, or are you just not a fan of delicious flavor?


Final Fantasy is very good.

On the tactics side, I actually enjoyed the FF tactics advance 1/2 on SP more that war of the lion versions. But I played them (and ogre battle) first


Too many people give FFTA and FFTA2 crap for its visuals. However it has improved gameplay over the Original FFT that it feels downright clunky in comparison.

However the lighthearted not-so-deep-story and cutesy races gets all the edgy edgelords on edge edging about on the forums, its plain silly.

I am all for dark, mature deep political and philosophical settings in games but not all above else.



(I figured that was the reaction my avatar demanded. As you were.)


They were good, but not better than WotL for me. I didn’t like the Judges and I would have preferred not to have different classes locked to different races, but that’s just a personal preference.


It was so long ago I remember very little of it.

Wish I had more time to play stuff!

Actually playing through Age of Wonders 3 at the moment since it was free! (Steam)


This. I admit the poor plot to FFTA was also a turnoff; it’s like if the next Song of Ice and Fire title to be published was a children’s picture book. Written by an actual child. But it also has inferior gameplay thanks to unnecessary gating at every turn and a lack of high stakes. I can’t honestly think of a single area where it was superior to WotL.


Well, it has Viera…




You got me curious.
I add my voices to the „never played FF anything“.

On the AppStore I’ve found “FF wotl” Is it this one? One review is complaining about clunky controls… is it so? Asking because I loathe games with bad controls.


The controls are not ideal, just like most console to touchscreen ports. The good news is that it is wholly turn-based so it won’t impact your ability to play at all. That said, if you have a PSP I definitely recommend playing that version first.


Thanks. I do not own a PSP, so I’ll think about it a bit before buying. My backlog is long enough as it is.


Keep in mind that, annoyingly, the iOS app is not universal. Separate purchases for separate devices. It’s a great enough game that I still recommend it, but that is an unforgivable model, in my opinion, especially considering what the game costs.


That’s a function of age, not necessarily intent. It’s also not worth it for them to update to Universal - guaranteed at least half the people will have to rebuy or they have to maintain 2 versions.


I had no idea about this, as I don’t own an iPad. Good to know.


Yeah, the games released back when that was common practice. FFIII and The World Ends With You are similarly not universal. Ah well.


FFT on iOS also doesn’t allow saving DURING battles. Only once back out in the over world. Battles can take like 40 minutes. This for me, for a mobile game, is basically toward literally unplayable.
The game apparently had saves during battle pre the 64 bit OS system that iOS did. Wish SE would come back and implement a mid battle save.


It is tough. And you are right, before the Appocalypse it did do an instasave when the app closed. This, the controls, the lack of universality, all valid complaints. But I would still urge anyone who never played it to try it out. Those are issues, but trust me, the juice is worth the squeeze. When a game gets the kind of love this one does two decades after release, there’s usually a reason.