Lords of Waterdeep Friendly Matches

Our friendly games seemed to have stalled @SleepingGiant and @LordGek.

Apologies. I’ve been tending to some sort of chest infection. I don’t know if it’s Covid19 because apparently I live in a backwater with inadequate testing. I’m taking care of myself and 100% isolating so as not to spread anything, and I’m getting stronger over the days. I’ll look forward to a real match once all better, thanks for understanding.

No worries. Take your time and get well.

Congrats to @geigerm on the close win! I was certain @SpiceTheCat had it in the bag.

As an FYI, Spice, @LordGek and I have declined your invitation for a rematch. He asked that I let everyone know, but I think he just forgot about this thread, so that’s why I tagged him.


Thanks—I was unsure of how it’d turn out, but holding onto my 40-point quest until near the end allowed me to avoid being a target.

I totally miscounted and was one black cube short of my 25 pt quest at the end there, but it would have had me still 1 pt behind you anyway. GG.

Our most recent 6p game—which featured 4 of us and a couple of randoms—just ended. Anyone up for a game of LoW?

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Sure! I am

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I am also. And I am ok if we play 6p with a couple randoms if we can’t get 6 here.

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Depends, what expansions are planned? (I have em, but I prefer Vanilla (or long Vanilla))

I’ll join

I’m in…

I’d play

He did indeed, did I miss anything?

Yeah, the fact that you’re replying to my post from over a year ago! Friggin’ necromancers…