Lords of Waterdeep Friendly Matches

I’m game (though I’m playing 2 no-expansion games already, so would love the expansions, I don’t mind if nobody else wants to)

I’d play another too. Any mix of expansions.

How about just undermountain?

Is fine with me. I don’t think I’ve played with just one expansion. So, @SleepingGiant, @whovian223 and @johnl, in the conservatory with the candlestick and Undermountain?

sounds good to me!

I’m whovian223 on Playdek if somebody’s setting it up.

Sounds cool, I have @SpiceTheCat as a friend in Waterdeep and hopefully just added the one and only @whovian223. @johnl are you John1325 in the game? Under mountain is grand.

I’m john_1325

I had everyone in my list already so I kicked off the game.

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I just tried adding john_1325 and it said it doesn’t exist.’
I do have john1325 on my friends list already

LOL posted at exactly the same time, 1 day later

You’re right, my mistake. I had checked ascension when I answered last time, and for whatever reason, only for ascension, there is an underscore. Checking agricola and waterdeep, no underscore. Same login, weird. In either case, we’re off!

Synchronized stir craziness.

Not the same login. Ascension uses your Asmodee account now.

Hey @johnl, it says waiting for host to start, I think that’s just a weird quirk of Waterdeep. Gl,hf,be well all.

Our friendly games seemed to have stalled @SleepingGiant and @LordGek.

Apologies. I’ve been tending to some sort of chest infection. I don’t know if it’s Covid19 because apparently I live in a backwater with inadequate testing. I’m taking care of myself and 100% isolating so as not to spread anything, and I’m getting stronger over the days. I’ll look forward to a real match once all better, thanks for understanding.

No worries. Take your time and get well.

Congrats to @geigerm on the close win! I was certain @SpiceTheCat had it in the bag.

As an FYI, Spice, @LordGek and I have declined your invitation for a rematch. He asked that I let everyone know, but I think he just forgot about this thread, so that’s why I tagged him.


Thanks—I was unsure of how it’d turn out, but holding onto my 40-point quest until near the end allowed me to avoid being a target.

I totally miscounted and was one black cube short of my 25 pt quest at the end there, but it would have had me still 1 pt behind you anyway. GG.