Looking For Games And Tournaments

I don’t know if this will be useful or not, but there are a whole bunch of games out there that I rarely play because I have nobody to play with. I thought that I could just start an open thread for game requests and anyone can post games they are looking for a match in. I’m open to tournament suggestions, too, though if there is enough interest, perhaps we could create a separate tournament thread.

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Right now I’m looking for games of Dragon Castle, Gem Rush, Summoner Wars, and Antihero.

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I’m terrible at Summoner Wars but would like to play.

Gem Rush has been on my list to learn, bought but not played yet so I’d be in for that too to give myself a kick.

I could never make it through an async game of Anti Hero without it timing out.

I was thinking of proposing a Raiders of the North Sea tournament. Any interest?

I’d be up for a Raiders tournament.

@johnl. I’ll load Summoner Wars and Gem Rush onto my phone and maybe we can get them going. I haven’t played Gem Rush much, either.

I’d be down for a Raiders tourney.

Yes for Raiders!


I’d play Raiders too.

It seems that Summoner Wars has no turn notifications whatsoever.

Gem Rush has everything but badges.

a Playdek game without notifications?
must be the well known “license expired” problem.

I actually got one badge icon, out of the four or so times that my turn has rolled around. It is an old game and possibly abandoned, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there were no longer any certifications.

Would anyone like to try 8 Minute Empire with me? I’m thinking about buying it for some friends but want to try out the online before I do.

I’m looking to play test Scythe. It is under new management and I’d like to see what improvements, if any, have been made, or if it still has the Asmodee stink to it. Right off the bat I’m fairly certain that it still uses the ridiculous “must be online to start an asynchronous game” so if anyone wants to play we’d first have to start by agreeing on a time and maybe setting our alarms to log in. Once past that hurdle, though, I have hopes the game plays well…

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I’d be up for some Dragon Castle.

Unfortunately Horrible Guild’s online servers went down half a year ago and to the best of my knowledge they haven’t come back up.

They claim their online provider shut down, which is fair enough, but they also claimed to be working on a new online integration…6 months ago…I can’t imagine it takes that long so switch online providers.

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:100: %

I know it’s the definition of insanity, but does anyone want to try a game of Among the Stars? I’d play with two but I prefer three players.

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@Mirefox the Dragon Castle app tells me it’s back online if you would like a game?